Freedom from Pesticides

Are we eating right? Are we eating food that is free of adulteration and pesticides? Are we looking after our health? Are we caring for the earth which is getting damaged by the excessive use of pesticides and chemicals?

From our side, we took a small step in 2012 when we launched the unique Freedom from Pesticides movement. It was a clarion call, a cry for creating a sustainable planet, a sustainable lifestyle for lovers of pure food, and putting in place ways and means of ensuring a sustainable livelihood for small farmers. Therein lies the genesis of the Freedom from Pesticide movement (FFP).

We make efforts round the year to keep the freedom from pesticides spirit alive. And every year we mark a certain time in India’s calendar to highlight the importance of eating foods free of chemicals and pesticides. Last year – 2013 was marked by the push to encourage customers to immerse themselves in the organic food experience. This year our appeal is both to the heart and discerning mind of the Indian. Our submission to all is – eat pure food, eat organic food, eat food that nurtures your health and well being. Take that one step of a pledge. Perhaps it will catalyse a whole new way of living – organic living. We believe that our forefathers experienced the joy of eating pure food. They knew how healthy food was a result of traditional farming practices and that in the great circle of life and well being, the earth played pivotal role. We are one with them. We are one with every Indian who believes pure food makes our life better. It sustains our well being while doing the same to the earth.

The Freedom from Pesticide movement is therefore, more than just a slogan. It is an appeal to live an organic life which impacts the earth – our planet, you and your family, and helps those farmers who are trying to preserve generations – old farming and cultivation practices.

We appeal for your support. You would have done a good turn to yourself, the earth and the small farmer…

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