For the family a complete choice since 2004

Our offering total, for nutrition and health in 200+ways.

Right from day one, we have believed that people should be given an option to switch to organic fully by giving them a complete range. On day one of the launch, a decade ago we had 120 + products. Staples, cereals, oils and even bakery products.

But all this and till today, has not been without the challenges of our products getting insect-infested or going rancid. Perfecting the organic offerings through organic ways, our products today have a shelf life comparable with non organic products – courtesy our methods and processes. Meeting this challenge has also gone hand in hand with maintaining consistency in the taste. Let us explain. Tur Dal grown in different geographic regions tastes different. Tur Dal produced in Rajasthan tastes different from that grown in Tandur, AP. How does one maintain a semblance of uniformity in taste and color? Well the direct way is to see, examine, cook and then choose. There is in our experience no other way to keep you satisfied. Take our jaggery for instance. Before we zeroed in on the geographical area we have examined 20 and more samples. Through trial and error we arrived at the most suitable region.

Our food has an ingenious virtue too-imperfection. You know why, because nature does not always do things perfectly. So we dont polish our dals with talcum powder or pump hexane to extract more oil or add sulphur to the sugar to make it whiter. We keep it simple and clean. Like the way nature intended it. Direct from the farm to the fork or seed to the kitchen is what you get time after time.

Our products are pure organic food products. Good food, good products is our continuing story. Because we believe food is to be enjoyed. Food is about conversations. Food is actually a wonderful curative. Good food grown naturally is the ideal way to treat your body. With our range of food products you can eat seasonal, eat local and eat balanced.

The 24 Mantra range is an ever evolving one. As you and your family get more health-conscious and believe the return to old fashioned goodness is inevitable, you will discover more than one way of meeting your requirements in our range. From breakfast to dinner from staples to snacks you can find an organic choice.

The organic life us all about charting a new mantra. 24 Mantra.

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