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    1. How it is made? Honey is made by honey bees from the nectar of flowers and plants. Nectar of the flowers has 80% o water. Bees suck these and collect them in their stomach like nectar bag. Nectar gets broken down to simple sugars here by the action of enzymes. Bees spread the nectar in the hives. Here the honey gets evaporated and form Honey.
    2. Do different honeys have different taste and flavour?
      Mono-floral Honeys (Honey from the nectar of single type of Flowers) have distinct colour, taste and aroma. All multi-floral honeys generally have consistent colour, taste, aroma and sweetness. Honey from different origin may taste different due to variations in floral combinations.
    3. Is thicker honey pure and thinner honey adulterated?
      No. Honey can be thin or thick. Honey consistency depends on the season and source. Honey harvested in summer months are thinner than the winter ones due to variation in pollen count. Also due to differences in floral sources in seasons, the oligosaccharide composition of honey varies leading to differences in consistency.
    4. Is Honey sweeter than Sugar?
      Liquid honey is approximately as sweet as sugar.
    5. Does honey has same calories as Sugar?
      No. Honey contains less calories than sugar. Honey contains only 75g carbohydrates/100 g (vs. 100 g for table sugar) and therefore honey provides only 304kcal against 400kcal for a 100g table sugar.
    6. Do Honey crystallise?
      Yes. Honey may crystallise. The fructose, glucose and oligosaccharides present in the honey prevent the honey from crystallisation. However the honey with high Glucose to water ratio tend to crystallise. Also lower temperatures promote crystallisation in Honey. The crystallisation characters of honeys vary with its origin and actual composition. Storing honey in refrigerator increases its tendency to crystallise. If crystallised, place the honey jar in warm water to make it flow like liquid.
    7. Does Honey contain Fiber?
      No, Honey does not contain any fiber.
    8. Is 24 Mantra Honey “Raw”?
      No, 24 Mantra honey is pasteurised and filtered. Honey obtained from the hive is raw honey. This undergoes pasteurisation by heating to 65C to kill yeasts and micro-filtration to remove excess pollen, dust, suspended impurities that normally get mixed with honey while handling the hives. These are simple processes done to give safe honey to consumers and this does not alter the properties of Honey.

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