What Are The Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

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Coconut milk is slowing gaining popularity among masses. It is densely packed with a variety of nutrients which are good for the health. The milk is extracted from the coconut by skinning the white part (also known as coconut flesh) and boiling it in hot water. The cream of the coconut can then be skimmed off from the top. The remaining white liquid can be squeezed through a muslin cloth to derive what is known as coconut milk.

The milk of this tropical nut has a different nutritional composition than the standard milk. Coconut milk is like a health serum that can benefit your body in numerous ways. Let us take a closer look at the several benefits that one can derive from coconut milk:

Strengthens the bones: Coconut milk is a rich source of calcium and Vitamin D, which are essential components of bone formation and strengthening. The presence of phosphorus and magnesium further adds to the benefit of this product. These minerals assist in improving bone density and structure.

Boosts immunity: This is one of the most vital benefits that come with the consumption of coconut milk. Studies have shown the presence of a lipid known as lauric acid contributes to boosting the immune system. Thus the body can ward off various bacterial and viral infections.

Assists in weight loss: Coconut milk contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that have been linked with weight loss properties. Unlike long-chain triglycerides, they do not get stored in fatty cells, which suggest that coconut milk is healthier than its dairy counterpart. They aid in weight loss in an indirect yet effective manner.

Aids in digestion: Many people suffer from the problem of being lactose intolerant. Coconut milk is a fine solution to this problem as it is completely dairy-free and this promotes a better digestive tract within the body. It is a perfect substitute for milk. It also has a nourishing effect on the digestive lining.

Boosts the heart health: The presence of lauric acid contributes significantly by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. A balanced cholesterol level naturally improves heart health and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay. The minerals present in coconut milk also regulate blood pressure.

Devoid of common allergens: People are often prone to be allergic to various kinds of dairy products owing to their composition. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is devoid of those common allergens present in milk and may be relied upon as a better alternative.

Coconut milk contains a considerable amount of essential fats, beneficial for health. Apart from all the other health benefits associated with it, coconut milk is also favoured for its creamy texture. Hence, coconut milk can definitely be incorporated into your diet plan at least 1-2 times a week.

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