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How safe are your home food ingredients?

In 2017-18, 27 NABL accredited labs analysed food samples to detect the presence of pesticide residues. Here are their findings.


Total samples collected


had pesticide residue

523 (2.2%)

exceeded FSSAI maximum
residue limits

With 24Mantra Organic make #TrulyGharKaKhana

Homecooked food is not healthy or good just because it is made at home. Everyday ingredients contain harmful pesticides and chemicals that can have a bad effect on your health and can make you sick.

Switch to 24Mantra Organic, here we take care of purity at every step, from choosing every grain to its packaging. So that your food has no becomes worthy of being called #TrulyGharKaKhana.

No Pesticides. No Chemicals. Truly Organic.


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It's Truly Organic. #TrulyGharKaKhana

It's important to have pesticide-free food right from a young age.

- Divya

Health comes from the soil, not from the hospitals or the medical shops.

- Sireesha

I reversed diabetes with an organic, plant-based, and whole food diet.

- Dr. Shree

Organic food made a difference in my kid's health.

- Archana

Medicine is the secondary source, food should be the primary nourishment.

- Meena

Organic is our way of life

At 24Mantra Organic, being organic is not just a claim. Now you can trace the journey of every pack of our products you hold or intend to buy.


About Us

Farm to Fork

Buying 24Mantra from Sresta means you are a votary of the healthy, nutritious movement. Like our farmers and us, you have decided to keep the planet in a sustainable state. Reduce the harmful chemicals and pesticides, keep the air and water clean and of course, keep the soil alive.

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Why Eat Organic

Protect children and your family members from cancer-causing pesticides.

Our Standards

US, EU, and Indian Organic certifications are held by us.


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