They come with different sizes of land. They belong to the different states of India. They enjoy a reputation of being empathetic to nature and the planet. They care about growing healthy, pure food. Organic farming begins with good, well-meaning farmers. They are at the core of our journey. For us, it means partnering with them in a way that benefits them and sustains their lands and longevity. We have 34,516 farmers working spread across 84 Farm Clusters spread over 190,610 acres of certified organic land across 12 states in India.


Nothing works better than doing things directly. What this means is simple. We are involved in every detail. We do not do outsourcing. No corporate farming, no toll manufacturing, no middlemen in dealing with our farmers. No third party in any aspect of our organic involvement.

At a glance at our direct methods:

  1. Our 100 plus Associates are in direct contact with the 34,516 farmers and 84 Farm Clusters
  2. Outsourcing for growing produce is a strict no-no
  3. The majority of our procurement is done directly from the farmers
  4. Our teams do the transportation and storage
  5. We store our raw material and finished goods in atmospheric controlled warehouses
  6. Secondary processing plants are taken care of by us directly to avoid contamination and spoilage
  7. Through everyday discovery and progress, we have perfected the product storage and packing methods to suit our current needs
  8. We have standard processes for every aspect of our business and every one of them has an elevated degree of intensity and attention to detail
  9. Traceability is a key driver. We can actually trace the product back to the region, farm, and farmer. Testimony to our direct methods and relationship with the farmer community

In the words of 24 Mantra Farmers

The right way is the Organic way

Changing lives with Organic Farming