Our Philosophy

Going organic and growing organic are not easy steps. They demand diligence, patience and an attention to every possible detail. We have all these qualities and drive the organic mantra more out of our love and passion for making your life organic. In fact, our philosophy addresses the overarching benefit of sustainability. We view organic as an effort and an endeavor to create sustainable livelihood for farmers, a sustainable lifestyle for consumers and a sustainable earth, which is constantly reinvigorated and enriched with organic farming. At the end of it all, we believe our love and passion for all things organic should result in you enjoying the food and creating for yourself better health. Because, we know and our forefathers knew that pure food is a proven curative.

For a farm to become organic it requires 3 to 4 years. One needs to literally purify it and stop chemical and fertilizer contamination. An initial curing process is what we initiate. Preceding this step is the choice of the farmer. Here we follow a simple sense and respondphilosophy. Our teams check out the farmers knowledge, attitude and more importantly whether he has an understanding that sustainable living for him and a better planet for mankind are equally important objectives.

Then comes the choice of the right soil – finding that particular soil well suited for a particular crop. How do we do it? We check the soil quality, cropping pattern, prevalent crop rotation and the nutrient levels in the soil determines the matching of the soil to the crop. While doing this we ensure the region has suitable weather and temperature conditions. Right land, right soil, right farmer and the right crop. That done, the next steps, are the right seeds – no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) followed by the right farming and cultivation practices. Natural solutions to control pests, locally nurtured wisdom and an organic connect with the land, crop and nature are all the Sresta dynamics and efforts at details. Storage is done through environment control and effective storage techniques are a result of home-grown wisdom, usage of local resources and proven learnings accumulated over a period of time. Preserving the crops is a chemical free exercise. Then comes minimal processing to preserve the nutritional values, taste, flavor and ensuring a product 100% safe to consume. Now all this means not just a straight-line effort. At every step of the way, organic as an attribute and quintessential quality is a challenging goal to achieve. Over the years, we have perfected this philosophy and way. Our mission is to stay with the process from the seed to the kitchen.

Having said this and shared with you our organic way, we are committed to our farmer friends. In creating a land that will help them grow pure food, in providing a window to deploy their timeless farming wisdom and more importantly, help create a sustainable livelihood for them. Support, integrity in transactions and the absence of middlemen go hand in hand with our sustained efforts at protecting them from market fluctuations. They grow the purest food and we give it our best to deliver better returns to them. On one end of our journey is the farmer and at the other is you the consumer.

Organic as a journey, thus is a many faceted one. In this journey we are all there in a satisfying give and take arrangement. It is our mission therefore to sustain this organic journey.

A commitment to make it a win- win for the farmer, consumer and the environment.
Passion, Patience & Perseverance make a difference

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