Poha is a popular dish from Maharashtra that is the preferred breakfast choice all over the state. However, it can also be had as an afternoon snack, evening snack, and even a light bedtime meal.

Since poha is made with multiple veggies and spices, it has a world of benefits. Firstly, it is full of iron, vitamins and loads of carbohydrates. Our body needs iron to form haemoglobin that carries oxygen to body cells and boosts immunity. Thus, it is a good way to accumulate a burst of energy that will last you throughout the day and ensure long-term benefits by making your body less susceptible to diseases.

Poha is also easy to digest which makes it the perfect choice for a meal for people with stomach issues. Moreover, the rice used to make poha is rich in vitamin B that helps stabilize blood sugar. Our poha mix also contains peanuts that are a good source of antioxidants and protein, making it a healthy choice for the heart.

All-in-all poha is a dish that can make the start of your day energetic and help you accomplish a lot in the morning, to ensure that the rest of your day is stress-free and relaxed.

So, what are you waiting for? Make yourself a nice helping of this popular dish in a jiffy with our ready-to-eat Kanda Poha Mix.