Jaggery benefits for toddlers and why you need to include them in your diet

Benefits of Jaggery for Children

Jaggery Benefits For Toddlers And Why You Need To Include Them In Your Diet

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The Jaggery, available today, is commonly made from sugarcane and are rich in calories; it is not suitable for obese kids to have in large quantities. Jaggery is good to eat in winter as it has a heat potency. Our body always needs iron content, which is made possible with the help of jaggery intake as it contains the richest source of iron. It also helps regulate our body temperature and detoxifies our body from external toxins. Jaggery is a great idea to add to toddlers’ diets as it has plenty of health benefits over kids. Jaggery is always far better than sugar, which is chemically processed and made available in the market these days. Hence it is advisable to give jaggery to kids as a healthy substitute for sugar.

 Benefits of jaggery:

  1. Warming effect to the body: As jaggery generates heat in the body, it will help maintain body temperature.
  2. Immunity power: Jaggery is a good source to power your immune system. It will help boost your energy level and protect you from diseases.
  3. Enhancing enzymes: The jaggery will help in preventing constipation and works as a laxative, by enhancing the production of digestive enzymes.
  4. High Iron content: Jaggery contains good amounts of iron in it, which will help to prevent anaemia.
  5. Respiratory problems: It also helps to prevent respiratory problems like: asthma, flu etc.

 There are plenty of jaggery benefits for toddlers. Including jaggery in toddler food will help kids digest their food easily. Studies show that consuming jaggery is good for curing the pains like ear pain, joint pain, and pain associated with arthritis, etc.

 Final words: 

As jaggery contains some bioactive compounds which provide energy and may be beneficial for your kids health in the long run, it is safe and healthy to consume jaggery daily. But to enjoy the maximized benefits, it is recommended to use 100% organic jaggery as the readily available jaggery in the market may contain chemicals.

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