10 Wet Cough Natural Remedies for Adults and Children

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Cough can be an annoying problem. It keeps you awake at night, does not allow you to talk, hurts your throat and makes swallowing difficult. Wet cough is most likely the result of a viral or bacterial infection such as a cold or influenza. Phlegm accumulates in the chest and at the back of the throat and a wet cough is initiated by the body to relieve you. It usually fades away by itself without treatment and is not dangerous. But there are, of course, natural remedies that you can take recourse to if your child or you are being troubled by it.

  1. Hot steamy shower
    It helps to break up the mucus in the chest if you stay for enough time in the steamy bathroom – for five minutes or longer. Repeat as often as required, and you’ll feel the beginnings of relief.
  2. Honey
    Children are benefitted by eating a tablespoonful of honey about half an hour before sleeping. It can reduce cough and help them sleep well. Natural honey is indeed effective and works for adults as well.
  3. Thyme tea
    Upper respiratory infections, whooping cough, and bronchitis are treated by thyme. The leaves contain compounds that calm the cough by relaxing tracheal and ileal muscles and also reduce inflammation. Thyme tea can be made by steeping crushed leaves in boiling water for about ten minutes and then straining it.
  4. Black pepper
    Mixing black pepper, which stimulates circulation, and honey, with boiling water, gives a concoction that is a natural cough reliever.
  5. Ginger
    Ginger tea is a famous cold and cough remedy in Indian households. It has medicinal properties and can treat colds and flu because of its antihistamine and decongestant function.
  6. Humidifier
    Dry air can make the throat dry out, making it more prone to irritation and inflammation. So getting a humidifier can help you breathe properly, and allows the phlegm to thin down and move easily out of the lungs.
  7. Hydration
    It is very important to consume a lot of fluids to prevent your throat from drying out and becoming inflamed. They help thin the mucus and keep the membranes moist, reducing the need to cough.
  8. Lemon
    Whether sprinkled with salt and pepper and sucked directly or added to your cup of tea, lemon can give relief from cough.
  9. Gargling saltwater
    Not only does it thin down mucus, but it also soothes a sore throat. It can clear away allergens and bacteria.
  10. Wash your nose
    Blowing your nose helps release the mucus and irritants through the nasal passage, clearing the respiratory tracts and reducing the need to cough. You can also use a saline spray or nasal irrigation.

Curing cough is one thing, but keeping it away completely should be your target. This means your immune system should be made strong, which could be done by following a healthy diet. You can also switch to organic and prevent your system from being adulterated by residual chemicals from food.


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