10 Easy Diet Tips and a Diet Chart to Gain Weight

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Being thin may be because of under eating or because of malnutrition. If one is thin because he/she is not taking enough calories through diet and in time it is possible for him/her to end up with several of nutritional deficiencies and other related problems.

These people who are undernourished may show signs of fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, lack of concentration and most important may have low immunity.

If you want to put on weight, say 1 kg, spread the 7000 kilocalories over a period of one and half to two weeks. These calories are over and above what you are already taking. A weight gain of ½ a kg or little more in a week is good enough.

Here are some easy diet tips on how to gain weight  

1.Increase the number of meals you eat

Eat small meals frequently in case you are unable to increase the amount of food you eat. Have three main meals and include one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon small meal.

  1. Nuts and oilseeds

This food group which consists of nuts and oil seeds are energy dense because of their high fat content. But at the same time they provide good amount of protein and micronutrients. They can be incorporated into a balanced diet to gain weight.

They can be eaten as a snack or can be included in several recipes.

  1. Milk and milk products

Dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese can be increased in the diet to add calories. These are good sources of calcium, vitamin D and B12. Whole milk will make the diet even more calorie dense.

  1. Dry fruits

Raisins, dates, apricots, figs and other dry fruits supply sufficient calories and are good sources of health promoting micronutrients and antioxidants.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are low carbohydrate foods that provide fat, protein and several micronutrients. These can be included in the diet easily and they are affordable source of complete proteins.

  1. Fruits

All fruits are not high in calories but supply micronutrients which help in digestion and utilization of other foods.  They also provide sufficient dietary fiber that helps in maintaining gut health.

  1. Whole grains

Whole grains are rich sources of calories as well as micronutrients and dietary fiber. It is sensible to get calories from whole grains rather than refined foods.

  1. Have a healthy snack before going to bed

Having a healthy snack before bed time may help. A cup of milk or yogurt with fruit or fistful of nuts would serve the purpose.

  1. Increase portion size

Increase the size of the plate or bowl in which you eat. This will increase the amount of food you eat.

  1. Starchy vegetables

Potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam are some examples of starchy vegetables. These supply good amounts of calories and can be added to the diet to increase calories.


Diet chart to gain weight

Here is a diet which can help you to build your own diet chart taking pointers from it. Each individual should plan his/her diet chart with the help of an expert. Because only an expert can look at the whole picture, your physical attributes, medical parameters, lifestyle pattern and then come up with a suitable diet plan.


Below is a model diet chart to help gain weight

A cup of tea/coffee when you get up

Breakfast: Idli with chutney/ Wheat rawa upma with lot of veggies/ Multigrain bread with omelette

Mid-morning snack: Fruit milk shake/Fruit/Nuts

Lunch:  Chapathis/Rice + vegetable preparation + dal/non-vegetarian preparation + curd

Mid-afternoon snack: Yogurt with fruit/Smoothie/Protein bar

Evening: Tea + Peanut salad/Boiled and salted legumes/Paneer tikka

Dinner: Salad + Chapathis/Rice + vegetable preparation + dal/non-vegetarian preparation + curd

Bedtime snack: Cup of milk/Fruit/Yogurt

Quantities are not given because that is based on individual needs. A diet plan should always be tailor made.


Final word

Before you embark on a weight gain journey talk to a doctor to see if there is any underlying medical reason why you are thin. If the doctor gives a go ahead, take an expert’s help and plan a perfect diet that suits you.

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