11 Benefits of Organic Tulsi Green Tea For Healthy Body and Mind

11 Benefits of Organic Tulsi Green Tea For Healthy Body and Mind

organic tulsi green tea benefits

11 Benefits of Organic Tulsi Green Tea For Healthy Body and Mind

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Green tea has been associated with weight loss for a long time. Anyone looking into shedding a few kilos might have tried drinking green tea at least once!

But what is green tea, and how does it differ from any other tea?

The tea leaves we get in the market are black and dark due to the oxidation process they undergo. This process adds depth to the already existing flavours of tea and intensifies it. Different levels in oxidation result in various types of teas like oolong, green, white, and black tea.

Green tea leaves are less oxidized when compared to other tea leaves. Green tea colour varies from a pale yellow to a mild brown when it is prepared. The taste varies from a light grass-like flavour to a more intense woody flavour.

Although initially produced only in China, over the years, green tea production has spread to many countries in East Asia.

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What is Organic Green Tea?

Due to changes in climatic conditions, farmers and cultivators have had to use many artificial aids to supplement the growth of tea leaves. However, awareness is rising regarding the superiority of organic tea leaves to regular tea leaves.

You can consume green tea that has been enriched with the flavours and good qualities of tulsi, which increases the health benefits of your cuppa.

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup of Green Tea?

Making a perfect cup of tea is not just pouring hot water over a teabag. Teabags will do in a pinch, but to savour a perfect cup of green tea you need to use good quality loose tea leaves – preferably organically grown.

For a cup of green tea, use a teaspoon of leaves and place them in a strainer, and then place it in a cup. Pour hot water into the cup and allow the leaves to steep for a minute or two. Steep the tea for longer if you want a stronger brew. You can add honey for a sweeter flavour.

Ensure that the water used for making the tea is not boiling. Boiling water brings out the bitter taste of tea and would ruin the experience.

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What are Organic Tulsi Green Tea Benefits on Health?

Many organic tulsi green tea benefits can be traced to drinking the tea regularly.

Here are a few more prominent benefits of the tea,

  • It is an Excellent Stress Reliever

Usually, when under a lot of stress, people reach for caffeine to relieve the problem. But caffeine in excess is bad for health. A cup of organic tulsi green tea benefits the body by maintaining cortisol levels, regulating blood flow, and helps in soothing agitated nerves.

  • It Encourages Weight Loss

Having good metabolism is key to losing weight. Organic tulsi green tea benefits you by encouraging the body’s metabolism to work faster. Catechins is an anti-oxidant that is the key to breakdown the lipids. Tulsi green tea, along with an appropriate diet and proper fitness regime, will help in losing weight.

  • It Helps Against Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed if the uric acid levels in your body increase. Uric acid is created as an aftereffect of metabolism. The kidneys work to get rid of the uric acid from the body, but if the level is more, it forms kidney stones. Tulsi green tea detoxifies the body by reducing the uric acid levels, preventing kidney stones.

  • It Promotes Heart Health

Excess of fat built-up in the arteries is atherosclerosis. Flavonoids in green tea can help the breakdown of harmful elements in the arteries and significantly reduce the occurrence of heart attacks. Tulsi, i.e. holy basil, is also a herb with an abundance of magnesium. The magnesium helps considerably in letting the blood vessels in the heart function correctly.

  • It Improves Digestion

Catechins found in green tea promote the production of a digestive enzyme called pepsin. Pepsin helps in absorbing nutrients from the food that has been consumed. Organic tulsi green tea benefits the body by improving the function of the digestive tract.

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  • It Reduces Cancer Risk

Other than digestion, catechins help in reducing cancer cells, especially in the early stages of oral and breast cancer. Organic tulsi green tea helps boost the production of anti-oxidants; these help in slowing down radiation therapy damage caused by oxidation.

  • It Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the condition where bones become weak and brittle. The condition also prevents the body from creating new bone tissue. Organic green tea helps in preventing the creation of those cells responsible for the degradation of bone tissue.

  • It Reduces Arthritis

Organic tulsi green tea benefits the body due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that slow down the degeneration of tissues. Organic tulsi green tea helps in reducing the free radicals in the body.

  • It Prevents Intensity of Colds

One of the components of organic tulsi green tea is the holy basil. In India, tulsi has been known to help against respiratory problems like cold and coughs for years. Combining tulsi with green tea is an excellent way to get relief from issues causing throat problems.

  • It is Good for Dental Health

The tea leaves consisting of green tea and tulsi are infused with anti-microbial properties that prevent bad odour from lingering in the mouth. Tea brewed with these leaves can also help against mouth ulcers, gum inflammation, and plaque.

  • It Improves Hair and Skin

The anti-oxidants in organic tulsi green tea benefits hair health by relieving itchiness and dry scalp. You can also drink green tea if you have constant hair loss and are looking at ways to reduce it.

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Green tea on its own is extremely healthy, but combining its effects with the inherent goodness of tulsi elevates the beverage.

Try out 24 Mantra Ogranic’s Tulsi Green Tea and to enjoy the beverage to its utmost, brew it fresh and keep sipping on it all through the day!

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