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15 Healthy & Tasty iron rich foods


15 Healthy Foods That Are Very High in Iron

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Iron is one of the most important minerals found in the body. Though there is less than 5 grams which is as much as a tea spoon of iron present in the whole body, the role it plays is very important.  Most of it is found in haemoglobin in the form of heme which is found only in animals and not in plants. In this article we will discuss the role of iron rich foods for the human body.


Dietary sources of iron

Dietary iron rich foods occur in two forms, heme and non-heme iron. The primary sources of heme iron are haemoglobin and myoglobin from animal sources such as of meat, poultry, and fish. Heme is a part of haemoglobin in red blood cells and in muscles, it is part of myoglobin.

Animal foods contain both heme and non-heme iron and are iron rich foods.

15 healthy iron rich foods:

1.  Oysters

They contain 5.8 mg of iron per 100 grams of oysters. Seafood is considered one of the best sources of iron rich foods.


2. Organ meat

Organ meat is a good source of iron. 100 grams of chicken liver provides almost 9 mg of iron and 100 grams of lamb liver gives about 7.4 mg of iron. Since it is heme iron it will be absorbed well it is also one of the iron rich foods.


3. Meat

Chicken and lamb meat provide 1.1 mg of iron per 100 grams of meat. Meat provides complete protein that is it contains all the essential amino acids and at the same time a great source of iron rich foods.


4. Oats

Oats are grouped under cereals and are known to be a good dietary fiber source. They also provide about 4.72 mg of iron per 100 grams.  It is essentially a good source of iron rich foods.


5. Quinoa

Quinoa also is a pseudocereal which is one of the few sources of complete protein for vegetarians and it is gluten-free. It also is a good source of iron, 4.57 mg in 100 grams of quinoa.


6. Soybeans

Not only are soybeans one of the best sources of iron rich foods for vegetarians they also provide a good amount of protein. Soybeans contain 15.7 mg of iron in 100 grams, which makes them one of the best sources of iron at least for vegetarians. Tofu made out of soybeans also is a good source of iron, 100 grams of tofu gives 2.7 mg iron.


7. Mushrooms

Though mushrooms are considered to be vegetarian foods not many vegetarians like their texture. But for those who eat mushrooms, they are consuming good iron rich foods that are a source of iron, providing 12.18 mg of iron per 100 grams of mushrooms.


8. Peanuts

Peanuts are used in several recipes such as bars, chutneys, powders and so on. 100 grams of peanuts contain 4.58 mg of iron. Keep your kitchen stocked with peanuts as they can be used in innumerable recipes and are one of the best iron rich foods you can have.


9. Beans

On average, different types of beans like kidney beans, red beans, mung beans, etc. have 6.7 mg to 9.35 mg of iron per 100 grams of beans. Since they are eaten in a substantial amount as they are the primary source of protein for vegetarians, they can be considered as iron rich foods


10. Berries

There are many types of berries available, from goji berries which contain 6.8 mg iron per 100 grams to mulberries which contain 1.85 mg per 100 grams. Raspberries and blackberries contain about 0.6 mg iron per 100 grams. Being iron rich foods, berries are good sources of antioxidants too.


11. Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are loaded with iron, 66.36 mg iron per 100 grams. Since cumin is used as a spice it is used in small quantities. Make sure you have cumin seeds and also roasted, ground cumin powder in your kitchen.


12. Turmeric 

Turmeric contains curcumin which has several health benefits when consumed. It also provides 55 mg of iron per 100 grams. Therefore, make sure you use it regularly in cooking as well as while making beverages such as turmeric latte.


13. Pepper:

Pepper to coriander seeds, cardamom to mace contain anywhere between 13 mg to 16 mg of iron per 100 grams. And they are good sources of phytochemicals which exhibit several health benefits. Keep your spice rack always filled and use them regularly.


14. Dry fruits

These are very commonly found in almost all kitchens. Raisins contain 2.6 mg of iron per 100 grams. They can be easily incorporated into desserts, added to breakfast muesli and even recipes which are savoury in nature. They can be eaten as such too.

Figs are also good source of iron, 2.03 mg per 100 grams. It is common knowledge that anaemic people are asked to eat iron rich foods regularly.


15. Spinach

Being a green leafy vegetable, it is an excellent source of micronutrients and dietary fiber. Spinach 100 gm also provides 2.7 mg iron.


Final word:

Though animal sources provide iron which is absorbed better than plant foods non-heme iron is the primary source of dietary iron for humans. Deficiency of iron leads to anemia and weakened immune system. Make sure you have iron rich foods and follow a well-balanced diet.

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