Herbal Tea - Here's All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Herbal Tea - Here's All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

herbal tea for weight loss

3 Ways to Lose Weight with Herbal Tea

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When we first think of tea, we think of chai. Our Indian minds have associated this tea with an evening wind-down or the centre of a social gathering. The chai is, however, not the healthiest option of them all. But there are ways in which one can use herbal tea for weight loss.

Herbal tea with moderation in diet and the right kind of exercise will give you the most benefits. The anecdote is simple: if you have a frothy coffee in the morning and switch to tea, the herbal tea for weight loss helps you cut back 350 calories.

Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash
Coffee Herbal Tea
Calories 33 2
Fat 1.2g 0g
Carbs 3g 0.47g

It is essential to find the right tea for you. The best herbal tea for weight loss must come from an organic and genuine source. This practice will ensure the tea is free from any additives and rich in antioxidants.

Three ways to use herbal tea for weight loss.

1. Green Tea In The Morning.

Green tea has been suggested by research as a morning-tea. At this time, your body is usually low on nutrition. This practice allows the benefits of green tea to absorb into your body faster and gives you a kick-start of freshness to the day.

Green herbal tea for weight loss is widely popular since it is high on catechins. This substance is the most elementary form of natural antioxidants that help enhance metabolism, which will inevitably reduce fat and moderate food intake.

They are also free from any caffeine. Studies show that having caffeine too early in the morning makes your body dependent and restricts its natural alertness mechanism. Green tea is also proven to increase the activity of hormones in the body that help burn fat naturally.

2. Chamomile Tea Before Bed.

The other impressive herbal tea for weight loss is Chamomile. This tea is seen as a night-time drink since they are known to induce better sleep. A better sleep cycle is a defining way to ensure the body is fully recuperated the next day, thus giving better weight loss resilience.

The herbal tea for weight loss is also known to have properties similar to that of the medication called Benzodiazepines. These are prescription pills given to those facing anxiety or insomnia. Therefore, consuming chamomile tea will provide benefits, free of side-effects.

This tea, like most others, is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. This quality allows your body to heal faster from wounds and help battle injuries. Just the steam from this herbal tea for weight loss, when inhaled, has been proven to improve breathing and reducing nasal irritations.

3. Black Tea Around The Day.

If you like your caffeine punch all-day-long, here is the best alternative for you. Black tea has a small amount of caffeine when compared to coffee and free from all the side-effects. This drink is a comfortable herbal tea for weight loss.

The reason black tea is so popular is because of the presence of flavonoids. These are antioxidants that help promote weight-loss. The entirely organic black herbal tea for weight loss will also contain polyphenols that help the gut produce fatty-acids for better digestion.

If you are struggling with a blood-sugar related weight-gain problem, then black tea is your perfect companion. Some studies have shown that a few cups of black tea can reduce the risks of type-II diabetes by 40%.

Final Thoughts,

Direct and straightforward herbal tea for weight loss will not help you gain that perfect physique. It has to complement other nutritional and organic foods and high-quality exercises. The herbal tea for weight loss acts as a catalyst that helps to expedite the process.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Tea range and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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