Cardamom Medicinal Uses - What You Should Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Cardamom Medicinal Uses - What You Should Know - 24 Mantra Organic

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4 Medicinal Uses Of Cardamom

Health and Nutrition

Cardamom is as popular as it is common in the Indian kitchen spice mix. It is said to be a spice of great value because of its intense and yet slightly sweet flavour. It is this property of cardamom that allows it the flexibility of being used in savoury and sweet delicacies worldwide.

Although it is native to India, it has become a staple spice for the world. Despite its heavy culinary influence, did you know that seeds, oils, and extracts of cardamom have been prized for centuries due to its medicinal value? It was one of the keys to unlocking the secrets of wellness in traditional medicine. The organic variant, however, is even more beneficial due to a lack of harmful chemicals and additives.

List Of Cardamom Medicinal Uses

In modern significance, the medicinal value of cardamom cannot be undermined, especially when the cardamom medicinal uses are as aplenty as follows.

  • Anti-bacterial cardamom medicinal uses

Cardamom contains essential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight germs and bacterial infections and help reduce swelling and redness. For these reasons, proponents of the medicinal value of cardamom advocate its sustained usage to boost immunity and equip the body to fight off diseases.

  • Lowering blood pressure through cardamom medical uses

The cardamom medicinal uses are also emphasized on account of its rich antioxidant and diuretic properties. This means that the antioxidants present in cardamom help with high blood pressure cases by relaxing the arterial muscles and lowering blood pressure. Also, since it is considered a diuretic, it can increase urine output and prevent water and salt retention. This ensures the well-being of a patient of high blood pressure risk.

  • Cardamom usage may help fight cancer

Cardamom possesses certain nutrients and compounds that may help fight cancer cells. It enhances the natural ability of cells to hamper tumour growth by attacking tumour cells. These chemical compounds are showing signs of battling oral cancer and limiting the spread of cancerous cells. This is the primary reason why cardamom usage can be said to be of great health and medicinal value.

  • Cardamom usage can help in lowering blood sugar

Cardamom contains essential minerals such as magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, and calcium. These help regulate blood sugar and ensure that the body has the proper nutrients to function properly and well. These nutrients are also beneficial in preserving hormonal balance and optimal hormonal secretion. One such hormone is insulin that is secreted by the pancreas and helps in breaking down sugar. Cardamom helps in maintaining proper insulin secretion too.

  • Cardamom consumption helps in digestion and prevention of ulcers

For centuries, cardamom has been hailed for its digestive properties. It is mixed with spices to ensure that the stomach’s discomfort, such as nausea, etc., are easily prevented. It has also been found to restore proper balance to gut flora and prevent stomach ulcers as well.

The Bottom Line

For the reasons mentioned above, cardamom is considered to possess great medicinal value. However, as an essential caveat, it is worth remembering that cardamom can alone not create much of a difference with sporadic use. These medicinal properties can be realised only through sustained use and a proper lifestyle. Also, by choosing the organic products, you can make sure the optimal benefits of cardamom. Cultivated without pesticides, organic cardamoms are 100% natural.

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