Black pepper water benefits - here are top 8 you should know - 24 Mantra Organic

Black pepper water benefits - here are top 8 you should know - 24 Mantra Organic


6 Benefits of Black Pepper Water on Your Health

Health and Nutrition

Black pepper or piper nigrum is a fruit that is used in its dry form in various dishes and water to enhance its taste and benefits too. Black pepper is rich in magnesium, iron, Vitamin K and fibre. Piperine, an essential oil present in them is very effective in reducing the muscle pain, arthritis and also indigestion.

Moreover, this spice comes with lots of antioxidants and antibacterial properties too. And when you use organic black pepper, the benefits become twice as the organic products are 100% natural and have no chemicals and cancer-causing components.

So, without further ado, let us dig deeper into the black pepper water benefits.

  • Good for digestion

If you have a problem with indigestion, you can consume black pepper water daily to get relief. It promotes digestion by reacting with digestive enzymes, and juices. It has a positive impact on the pancreatic enzymes, which in turn improves the digestion method on the whole.

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  • Comes with carminative properties

When it comes to black pepper water benefits, you cannot forget its carminative benefits. If flatulence or stomach gas is your companion, a glass of black peppercorn soaked water can be very beneficial. You can also ditch the use of red chilli powder in the dishes and opt for black pepper to get rid of colic pain and gas.

  • Controls blood pressure and diabetes

Did you know that black pepper has the power of lowering high blood pressure? Yes, piperine oil present in peppercorns can keep the blood pressure under control as proved by a Slovakian report.

Besides pressure, diabetic patients can see a good response to their insulin sensitivity by consuming black pepper water every day. 80 people took part in a study where they consumed black pepper for 8 weeks along with other healthy foods. They showed a dip in their sugar level, and improve the insulin-response.

  • Absorb different nutrients fast

One of the most important black pepper water benefits is that it enhances the nutrient absorption power of the human body. Thus, by having this water daily, people can absorb both selenium and calcium better than others. In addition, it helps human being to absorb different plant compounds far better.

  • Very effective for cancer of different forms

Many studies have proved that black pepper when consumed with turmeric help in combatting many deadly ailments, including cancer. Thus, you should soak some back pepper and a teaspoon of turmeric in water and have it in the morning before having foods. It not only cures cancer but helps you stay fit. You can also have black pepper and turmeric with a glass of milk and see the difference in yourself.

  • Good for your skin and hair

Daily intake of black pepper water can help you have good skin and hair too. Black pepper is beneficial for white patches or vitiligo, pigmentation and other skin issues. Do you have acne? Then along with black pepper water consumption, apply black pepper paste on the skin for a few days, and skin problems will go away.

Wash your hair with black pepper soaked water to get rid of dandruff.


So, you can see that black pepper water benefits are endless. The taste and benefits of organic black pepper are much more than the normal ones and they are eco-friendly too.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Black Pepper and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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