6 effective tips to reduce belly fat easily

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6 effective tips to reduce belly fat easily

Belly might fat might be an early warning for heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Losing belly fat is extremely difficult than losing fat from thighs or hands or any other body part but there are few things and tricks that you can follow to reduce your abdominal fat.

  1. Consumption of soluble fiber– Fiber keeps the stomach full and hence prevents you from indulging fast foods or snacks at frequent intervals. If you are having a fiber diet you will automatically eat less food, as drinking water after a fiber meal will tighten your stomach. Also, soluble fibers absorb water and acts like a gel which slows down the movement of the food through the digestive system. So in a way, it decreases the amount of calories the body intakes. A diet rich in fiber is extremely effective in reducing belly fat. Flaxseed, avocados, blackberries and fiber noodles are some of the heavy carriers of fibers.
  2. Avoid added sugar or sweetened drinks of any kind – Added sugar is harmful to our metabolism rate. Sugar is half fructose and half glucose which can only be absorbed by the liver. If you consume a lot of sugar the liver gets heavily worked up. It gets loaded with a lot of fructose which gets accumulated in your belly and results in heavier belly weight. Studies have shown that this is one of the most harmful effects of sugar on our health.
  3. Increasing the consumption of protein – Protein-rich diet can keep the stomach full for a longer time and also reduce hunger pangs. If you plan to reduce your belly weight, adding more protein-based foods is the best way to do it. Protein also prevents further accumulation of fat because studies have proven that it reduces food cravings by 60 percent and also boosts metabolism rate. You might not get an immediate effect but protein is the best way to reduce weight in the long run.
  4. Avoid carbohydrates at any cost – Cutting carbs from your diet will go a long way in reducing your belly weight. Studies have shown that people who cut carbs from their diet have lost weight and have experienced a low appetite. Restricting carbohydrates is a very important step towards losing belly fat.
  5. Exercise – Restricting your diet should be well-matched with a proper workout regime. It not only helps you lose belly fat but also improves heart health. When it come to exercise, a strict routine and discipline should be followed. The best way to workout is by joining a gym under the supervision of a personal trainer who will understand your body type and muscle strength and accordingly will design the workout routine.
  6. Quality Sleep – Lack of sleep can also result in increasing belly weight. Lack of sleep releases certain hormones that give you hunger pangs. Getting proper sleep lowers the level of the hormone leptin, which sends a signal to the brain that your stomach is full.


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