A protein-rich diet for weight loss

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People who are looking forward to losing weight should think of including protein in their diet chart. A high protein diet will keep your stomach full for a longer period and will help you cut down on the frequent habit of snacking which will save you from a lot of calorie intake. Protein also slows down the digestion process which keeps a clean track on your eating habits and helps you to control the consumption of junk food in between meals.

Protein is the best way to lose weight and gain health. It increases metabolism, boosts stamina, strengthens bones, burns calories, increases muscle strength and helps repair torn tissues or muscles at a faster rate.

Below are some of the foods that you can include in your diet to make it protein-based.


  1. Greek yoghurt – Greek yoghurt does not only consist of calcium but is also rich in protein content. It is a mix of casein protein which is slow-digesting protein and whey protein which is quick-digesting protein. Greek yoghurt can be added in smoothies or can be enjoyed as it is. It is tasty and makes you full and satisfied for a long time. Eating greek yoghurt in between meals is healthy. Besides losing weight it has other added benefits too.
  2. Eggs – Eggs are one of the most protein-rich diets. Eggs are versatile. Apart from being rich in protein, eggs are also rich in zinc, iron, vitamin A, selenium and vitamin B-12. Include whole eggs in your lunch and your breakfast or you can also make egg salad with veggies and enjoy it in between meals.
  3. Nuts – Nuts like almonds and cashew nuts are very rich sources of protein and are also massively popular as healthy snacks. It provides fibre and healthy fats. These healthy fats help you to put on calories and yet maintain a slim waistline. A fist full of nuts every morning can do a lot of weight reduction and can bring a lot of positive changes to your health. You can even make almond or cashew butter and have it with sandwiches or bread.
  4. Chicken – Chicken is one of the greatest sources of protein which helps to strengthen our muscles. It helps to repair torn muscles and tissues. Apart from protein, chicken also supplies our body with other necessary vitamins and minerals that help us to perform physical activities with ease. Chicken keeps your stomach full for a long time and also it can be enjoyed as a full meal or act as fill-ins in between meals.
  5. Beans – Beans like black beans, kidney beans are powerhouses of protein. But it should be taken in a limited quantity or else it might affect the kidney health. Beans also consist of vitamin B and fibre and other necessary minerals like iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Beans help to lose weight faster than any other protein-based food.
  6. Fishes – Fishes are not only rich in protein but also consist of omega 3 fatty acid which nurtures the brain and promotes the health of our nervous system.

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