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Amazing Health Benefits Of Cumin - 24 Mantra Organic


Amazing Health Benefits Of Cumin

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Derived from the plant Cuminum cyminum, cumin or jeera, as it is commonly known, is a spice used the world over. It has a very distinct flavour and is used by people across Asia, Africa, Central America and even some parts of the Mediterranean in their respective cuisines.

Cumin has also been used in traditional medicine. In Ayurveda, especially, jeera is used to help treat digestive disorders. Not only that, but the organic variant of cumin is often considered a superfood due to its wholesome nature and chemical-free growing process.

Today, there is growing evidence of the various health benefits of cumin. These benefits are compounded when cumin is cultivated organically. The practice uses indigenous methods and supports the livelihood of small farmers.

The lack of pesticides in organic farming ensures that the many beneficial properties of cumin are preserved. Organic cumin is also good for the environment due to this practice. Let us take a look at the wondrous benefits of cumin!

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Health Benefits Of Cumin

1. Aids Digestion 

Cumin is used to help relieve indigestion, bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence and morning sickness. Indeed, we have all been given a glass of ‘jeera water’ to help relieve any discomfort in our digestive tract.

Studies have found evidence that cumin seeds aid the digestive process by stimulating the release of enzymes needed for the process. Cumin also has properties that act as painkillers. This helps reduce stomach pain due to bloating, excessive gas or indigestion.

Cumin has also been found to help improve the functioning of the liver. It helps the release of bile, which contains several enzymes necessary for digestion. A study performed on people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) found that cumin helped lessen pain and discomfort from the disease.

2. Source Of Iron

Iron is one of the most crucial minerals required for the proper functioning of our body. Iron deficiency is called anemia and can cause serious issues if left untreated, especially in women and childen. Fortunately, regular consumption of cumin can help maintains iron levels in blood.

Cumin is packed with iron. 1 teaspoon of cumin contains up to 1.4 milligrams of iron. Thus, even using cumin as light seasoning is good for the body.

3. Aids Weight Loss

Drinking jeera water regularly is believed to boost our metabolism and aid in weight loss. A study archived on the National Center for Biotechnology found evidence that taking cumin supplements helps in weight loss.

4. Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Cumin has been found to help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and boost ‘good’ cholesterol in its place. The same study mentioned in the previous section also found that the test subjects given cumin supplements showed an improvement in total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels.

5. Contains Antioxidant Properties

Free radicals from pollutants, UV rays of the sun and certain drinks and junk foods can cause great damage to the body. Free radicals are neutralised by antioxidants. Cumin seeds are rich in plant antioxidants like phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids. Antioxidant properties of cumin may even prevent clogged arteries and heart disease.

6.  Contains Antibacterial Properties

Regular consumption of cumin in food may help keep common cold and flu at bay. Warm jeera water can also prevent throat infections and cough by helping keep the throat and respiratory tract clear of germs and congestion.

Cumin also contains properties that prevent the growth of certain infectious fungi. Using cumin as a seasoning in food has also been shown to prevent illness and food-borne diseases.

7. May Help With Diabetes

The exact mechanism of how cumin can help blood sugar and insulin levels is unclear. However, a study found that cumin extract not only helps improve insulin metabolism, it may also help prevent the development of diabetes in people prone to the disease.

A characteristic symptom of diabetes is the long time it takes diabetics to heal even small cuts and wounds. This happens due to the constantly elevated blood sugar levels. Over a long period of time, this can cause serious damage to various organs. Cumin has been found to help reduce this effect of diabetes in patients.

8. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Cumin is a good source of potassium. 100 grams of cumin contains nearly 1788 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is an integral part of the processes that maintain the body’s blood pressure. Thus, making cumin a part of your diet is an easy way to help your body take up the required amount of potassium.

9. Improves Complexion

As mentioned before, cumin is rich in antioxidants. It also contains Vitamin E and many other essential minerals that help improve your complexion. Drinking jeera water is great for skin but so is using it on your face! Jeera water mixed with a little turmeric gives a wonderful glow to the skin.


Jeera really is an incredible spice! As more and more studies are conducted, evidence of the many health benefits of cumin increases. However, it is important not to go overboard. Using cumin in food as seasoning has been found to be a sufficient amount for us to reap cumin health benefits. If you don’t use cumin on a regular basis do try it and discover the various benefits of cumin!



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