The best black cumin seeds uses in daily routine. - 24 Mantra Organic

The best black cumin seeds uses in daily routine. - 24 Mantra Organic


Black Cumin Seeds: Uses and Health Benefits

Health and Nutrition

The use of black cumin seeds has been articulated for many medicinal purposes across the past many centuries. The active constituent found in black cumin seeds, thymoquinone, has a proven effect on various illnesses and is not restricted to treating regular diseases alone. The health benefits and black cumin seeds uses extend to chronic illness, mental illness, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, neurological disorders and viral and bacterial infections as well.

The following table depicts the composition of black cumin seeds:

Protein 20.85%
Fat 38.20%
Moisture 4.64%
Ash 4.37%
Crude Fibre 7.94%
Carbohydrates 31.94%


Today various black cumin seeds uses have been explored and substantiated for a variety of purposes. While their use was limited to treating headaches, nasal congestions and infections in the yesteryears, now they are being increasingly used for purposes larger than those. In order to gain the maximum benefit of the health benefits of black cumin seeds, you should opt for organic products. Since they are grown and cultivated without the introduction of chemicals and harmful pesticides, they remain ideal and safe for the health of your family. Organically sourced products such as black cumin seeds also offer a chance at a better livelihood to farmers who cultivate them.


Let us explore the uses and purposes of black cumin seeds.

Finding Health Benefits: What Are The Most Significant Black Cumin Seeds Uses? 

Protection For The Gut

It is notable to observe the impact of black cumin seeds uses on stomach ulcers. It has been found that these seeds have a unique anti-ulcer property against the bacteria which are responsible for causing it. Due to its unique composition, black cumin seeds can protect the mucus layer in the stomach against the formation of ulcers and restrict injury to the same.


Treat Infections Caused By Bacteria

Black cumin seeds display a powerful action against bacteria which cause infections and diseases. The possible effect of black cumin seeds uses also extend to bacteria which are prone to antibiotics. Thus, these seeds can be of use to treat a variety of health infections which are a result of bacterial action.


Acts On Kidney And Kidney Stones

Traditionally, black cumin seeds have been used for the prevention of kidney stones. Studies have found that the power components which are present in black cumin seeds can be of help in preventing kidney stones. Regular consumption of black cumin seeds also helps to limit the toxicity levels in the kidney and provides a defensive action against injury to the kidney.


Ideal For Feminine Health

Due to the presence of iron and calcium, the black cumin seeds uses extend to women who are pregnant and lactating. This is so because the unique components such as thymol, found in black cumin seeds help to improve the quality of lactation and boost milk secretion. Even menstruating women can benefit from the consumption of black cumin seeds which replenishes the body with lost iron.


Useful For Diabetes

The consumption of black cumin seeds on a regular basis has been linked with controlling diabetes by increasing the release of insulin in the body. The most common way in which black cumin seeds can be used for this purpose is by extracting the oil of the seeds and then maintaining a regular intake of it.


Provides Protection Against Heart Diseases

The benefits of organic black cumin seeds can also be observed on the heart tissues, which can recover swiftly with regular consumption of black cumin seeds. At the same time, they are also effective in treating high levels of cholesterol in the body. For this purpose, one can consume the seed powder of black cumin for effective results.


Aids In Weight Loss

The constituents of black cumin seeds help to suppress the appetite faster, so it gives a feeling of fullness, making you eat less than usual. This, in turn, helps to control blood sugar spikes and curb cravings for different food items. As a result, you are likely to lose your weight quickly. Also, the black cumin seeds offer digestive benefits due to the presence of copper and calcium. For this purpose, black cumin seeds can be taken either as a whole or in the form of a powder.


Useful Kitchen Ingredient: Black Cumin Seeds Uses

Orally ingesting black cumin seeds seem to have plenty of benefits for the health. In addition to the points mentioned above, black cumin seeds also help in boosting the immune system and provide an anti-fungal action in the body.

To obtain the benefits of black cumin seeds, you can consume them whole, grind them to a powder and consume along with other ingredients such as honey or mix them in a beverage to consume with added flavour.


Conclusion: Are Black Cumin Seeds Truly Worth It?

Given that black cumin seeds have found a healthy use in many traditional and modern medicines, there is no harm in considering the benefits which it can bring to the body. Moreover, it is a flavoursome spice which can add a zestful delight to your meals and make them taste better. So, why not pick some quality organic black cumin seeds and use them daily? They taste better than your regular cumin seeds and also offer a better chance to the ecology at sustainability.



Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Cumin and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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