What You Need to Know about Brown Sugar Glycaemic Index? - 24 Mantra Organic

What You Need to Know about Brown Sugar Glycaemic Index? - 24 Mantra Organic


Brown Sugar: Nutritional Facts, Glycaemic Index, and Health Benefits

Health and Nutrition

Brown sugar is in high demand in the present time due to its health benefits. It is nothing but a sucrose sugar that has a unique brown colour as it contains lots of molasses. It can come both in refined and unrefined forms. The hygroscopic nature of the molasses is the main reason behind the moist and soft nature of the brown sugar. Brown sugar crystals come in the size of about 0.35 mm, which is less than its white counterparts.

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Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

Do you want to know about brown sugar glycaemic index? If yes, then knowing about its health benefits is equally crucial.

  • Prevents excess fat – Brown sugar comes with lesser calories in comparison to white sugar. Thus, the former does not add to your fat or weight, which the latter does.
  • It has no chemicals – The molasses present in the brown variety of sugar contains vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron which you get when consuming this sugar. And owing to the molasses, it has zero chemicals.
  • Good for digestion – Any people suffering from indigestion can find a good remedy in brown sugar. Surprising? But true! Have a glass of warm water with a few slices of ginger and a teaspoon of brown sugar and see how it works for your digestion problems.
  • Provides skin benefits – Brown sugar, the natural humectant, acts as an excellent moisturizer as well as hydrator for your skin. Being softer and gentler than both salt and white sugar, it takes care of the skin. It has Vitamin B, which reduces the ageing and swelling of the skin.
  • Use as a scrub – You can use a brown sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin to get rid of the damaged cells. Mix half a cup of organic honey and brown sugar along with one tablespoon of olive oil and a drop of essential oil and use it on your face and body once a week to get rid of old cells and generate new cells.
  • Can be used to cure a cold – Are you in search of a natural remedy for your cold? Then why not boil ginger pieces and brown sugar in a bowl with a glass of water and sip this concoction after regular intervals to get relief? This remedy provides you with instant relief.
  • Lessens flatulence in the infants – If colic is a constant problem of your infant, then you can try the brown sugar remedy. Fill their feeding bottle with water and half a teaspoon of brown sugar. And let them sip that after regular intervals. This will help in reducing the flatulence and give them better sleep.
  • Acts as a first aid – Brown sugar comes with lots of anti-microbial and also anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can prove effective for minor cuts. What you need to do is clean the affected area and put some brown sugar. Now cover the rea with a band-aid and let it be for a few hours. You will get a much faster result.
  • Alleviated menstrual cramps of women – The molasses present in brown sugar, especially the mineral potassium, is very useful in relaxing the uterine muscles, which in turn relieves the muscles contractions during menstruation. By consuming brown sugar during this period, you can keep the cramps at bay.
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Things To Know About Brown Sugar Glycaemic Index 

Before knowing about brown sugar glycaemic index, first, check out what glycaemic index is. It decides the increase of sugar level in the blood due to certain foods.

While white sugar contains 50% each of fructose and sucrose, brown sugar contains the molasses. Thus, the glycaemic index of the former is higher than the brown sugar glycaemic index. Thus, it can be concluded that the brown variety of sugar is healthier than the white variety.

Besides brown sugar, there are other sweeteners that come with a different glycaemic index. The foods having less than 55 GI is known as low glycaemic foods. If the GI varies between 56-60, the foods are called medium glycaemic foods, whereas the higher GI foods are those whose rank is greater than 70.

Product Glycaemic Index
White sugar 68
Molasses 55
Maple syrup 54
Honey 55
Glucose 96
Fructose 22
Agave nectar 10
Corn syrup 90

Nutritional Value Of Brown Sugar

Besides knowing about brown sugar glycaemic index, finding out about its nutritional components is mandatory. From 100 gms of brown sugar, you will get the following.

Energy 380 calories
Carbohydrates 98 gm
Protein 0.1 gm
Potassium 133 mg
Sodium 28 mg
Saturated fat zero
Unsaturated fat zero
Dietary fibre zero
Cholesterol zero
Magnesium 2% of daily requirement
Iron 3% of daily needs
Calcium 8%

The Bottom Line

So, now you have got a thorough idea about the brown sugar glycaemic index, how to use it, what benefits and nutrition it can provide you with. In this respect, you should remember that buying organic brown sugar is the best idea if you are planning to switch to brown sugar. This is because the organic variety is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals. Moreover, they are eco-friendly as their cultivation does not need any pesticides.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Brown Sugar and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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