Bran Benefits: Considering wheat bran atta for weight loss - 24 Mantra Organic

Bran Benefits: Considering wheat bran atta for weight loss - 24 Mantra Organic


Can Wheat bran atta help in weight loss? lets find out

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A strict and methodical weight loss regime not for everyone since it requires considerable sacrifices in food and lifestyle choices. Organic products have been the latest in a long line of techniques to combat morbid obesity.

Organic products are considered wholesome packages of natural ingredients. Their unadulterated nutrient profile helps in weight loss. Another important factor in weight loss these days is fibre.

Popular studies suggest inadequate fibre content as the reason for many illnesses. This is the reason that people are choosing to include wheat bran in their diet for its high fibre content.

Atta or wheat flour is a popular staple food ingredient in India and especially in Northern India. Roti or chapatti (wheat flour flatbreads) is considered a high source of carbohydrates, but does it help in weight management?

In the contemporary world where no-carb diets are helping people become slimmer, are you sure you have the right atta with you? Despite your understandable inhibitions, weight loss doesn’t require you to quit your staple but switch to a healthier version of it. This is the reason that people are increasingly considering organic wheat bran atta for weight loss.

How does switching to wheat bran atta for weight loss help you?

The wheat kernel has three principal components of which two end up as by products of the milling of kernels. The outer shell of the kernel is the husk called bran, which has healthy fibre content and is considered to possess high nutritional value.

It is known to be a part of many edibles owing to its powdery form such as cereals, wheat flour, muffins and other bakery products as well as staple food supplements.

However, choosing wheat bran atta for weight loss aids in your weight loss in the following ways.

  • Prevents you from binge eating

A scientific review indicates that increased consumption of fibre is vital in curbing obesity and can aid in weight loss. The most important function of wheat bran atta for weight loss is that it keeps you satiated and full all day long. This is because bran consists of insoluble concentrated fibre.

Modern research indicates a close correlation between binge eating and morbid obesity as it lowers your metabolism rate and keeps you from getting slim. The composition of wheat bran is such that it keeps your gut and intestines filled for a longer duration, thus giving off the feeling of being “full” for a longer time.

  • Accelerates Bowel Movements

Using wheat bran atta for weight loss is instrumental because of the ability of wheat bran to improve your digestive health. Wheat bran has a very high fibre content which is instrumental in the intestinal process and ensuring smooth secretions of the intestinal gland.

Fibre helps to clear out the intestinal glands and adds bulk to your stool, ensuring a smoother colon and bowel movement.

As is corroborated by numerous researchers, fibre helps to keep the metabolism rate high and prevents colon related issues such as constipation. This helps in increasing faecal fat excretion and reduces the effect of such fats on metabolism by decreasing liver and heart cholesterol.

  • Rich Source of Prebiotics

Recently, numerous studies have indicated that usage of wheat bran atta for weight loss can also prevent digestive symptoms such as bloating and discomfort.

Since it is considered to be a rich source of prebiotics, it strengthens the gut bacteria by functioning as a food source for it. This does not only increase the level of gut bacteria but also promotes a healthy gut.

Furthermore, apart from the prebiotic content, the prevalent antioxidant properties such as phytic acid, too, helps in the smooth purification of the blood vessels to reduce any harmful residue of the digestive process in the gut or the intestines.

  • Lowers the Fatty Cholesterol

Another reason to use wheat bran atta for weight loss is to lower cholesterol levels and reduce its effect on the heart.

Contemporary issues of morbid obesity can be traced to high levels of triglycerides in the blood. However, it is found in many observational pieces of research that high fibre diets reduce the risks associated with heart diseases.

This is because fibre significantly lowers the overall cholesterol levels. Also, bran has certain nutritional properties that target bad cholesterol, and its consumption does not decrease good HDL cholesterol. These blood triglycerides pose a high risk of inducing cardiovascular diseases.

Due to its propensity to create arterial fat blocking the smooth flow of blood in the arteries and veins leading to and from the heart. Thus, not only can you use wheat bran atta for weight loss but also to promote the overall wellness of your body.

The nutritional profile of wheat bran can help you decide whether it is useful for you or not. From 1 cup or 58 gm of wheat bran, you will get the following:

Energy 125 cal
Fat (polyunsaturated, monosaturated and saturated) 4% of daily value
Sodium 0% of daily value
Potassium 20% of daily value
Iron 34% of DV
Calcium 3.3% of DV
Vitamin A 0.1% of DV
Carbohydrates 12% of DV
Dietary fibre 100% of DV
Protein 0.9% of DV


It is important to know that bran has its utilities in weight management and helps in weight loss. However, you must remember that it also contains gluten, which is a natural property in wheat of wheat and is considered fattening. Other antioxidants such as phytic acid too can be detrimental to overconsumption. Therefore, the user must be regularized sparingly and monitored accordingly.

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