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Haven’t you always wanted that perfect apple, orange and that uniform sized dal? Well then your grocer or super market perhaps knows exactly how to give you food that may be misleadingly perfect. That ‘apple shaped€™ apple and the round orange and all the dal grains being of the same size and color may tempt you. Perhaps the perfectness is not nature-given, but man made. Genetically modified seeds do ensure consistency in look but bring with them the harm of biology and genetics. They ensure aesthetic appeal but tend to compromise on nutrition. Waxed apples, dals well powdered, adulterated chilly powder with coloring agents is just one part of the story. The other side is about us consumers. We want all things perfect and we have mentally graded that. Chilly powder should be as red as it gets. Aroma and high level of antioxidant concentration in a spice powder is not the feature? Or that shiny apple which has a layer of moisture –resistant wax. And the list is long. We seem to have forgotten that nature has its own way of maintaining consistency. That same taste, aroma and mouth feel is what nature perfected. Not that misleading outward appeal Give it a thought.

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