Discover the Supreme Power of Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss - 24 Mantra Organic

Discover the Supreme Power of Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss - 24 Mantra Organic


Can you really loose weight with fennel water? lets find out

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Losing weight can be an elusive task, especially if you’re a foodie. For this very reason, fitness freaks nowadays are increasingly going organic. Rich in antioxidants, fibre, and nutrition, organic foods can help you stay fuller for longer.

Another superfood that helps you lose weight when taken immediately after a meal is fennel seed. Fennel seed, also known as ‘saunf’ in Hindi, is a common spice found in every Indian kitchen. It is well known for its ability to cure an array of health problems, including congestion, asthma, stomach gas, and other digestive issues.

While saunf is commonly used as a mouth freshener or to add flavours to curries, the use of saunf for weight loss still remains unexplored. If you’re looking to burn those extra kilos, here’s how you can use fennel seeds for weight loss.

Reasons Why One Should Eat Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss

  • Fennel seeds are rich in fibre. The high fibre content gives you a greater sense of fullness, preventing hunger pangs and overeating.
  • Fennel seeds enhance vitamin and mineral absorption, which, in turn, may help reduce fat storage in the body.
  • Another reason for using fennel seeds for weight loss is because of its diuretic properties. Diuretics help the body to get rid of toxins and excess fluid, contributing to weight loss.
  • Fennel seeds also have diaphoretic properties that stimulate perspiration, leading to weight loss.
  • The secret to losing weight is improving metabolic health. Fennel seed lends you a helping hand in boosting your metabolism.
  • Fennel seeds contain numerous powerful antioxidants like zinc, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, etc. These antioxidants help keep oxidative stress causing free radicals at bay. Oxidative stress in the body is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes.
  • Fennel seeds have a high composition of essential oils like estragole, fenchone, and anethole. These volatile oils promote the production of the gastric enzyme, helping you kick start your digestive system. A good digestive system leads to better health and a slimmer body.

How to Consume Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss

Fennel seed water and fennel tea are two liquid variants of fennel seeds for weight loss. Both of these are extremely beneficial for weight loss and can be easily prepared at home. Here’s how you can prepare saunf for weight loss.

Fennel Seed Water

One way to consume fennel seeds for weight loss is by making fennel water. To prepare fennel water, all you need is two teaspoons of fennel seed and a glass of water.

Add fennel seed to the glass of water and leave it overnight. Consume this glass of water first thing in the morning and leverage its numerous benefit. You’ll start feeling lighter in just a few days.

Fennel Tea

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of hot beverages, you’ll enjoy fennel tea much better. Take one spoon of fennel seed and add it to a cup of hot water. Make sure not to boil the seeds in water as it might kill most of its nutrients.

Then, cover the cup for about ten minutes and let it cool to room temperature. You’ll soon notice a light yellow infusion. The tea is ready to be enjoyed! Drink two to three cups a day for maximum benefit.

However, try to compliment your routine with mild exercises and a healthy diet. Otherwise, the tea alone may not immediately produce the lasting, visible effect you wish to see.

Some Other Benefits of Fennel Seeds

  • Improve Eyesight

Other than having fennel seeds for weight loss, it can also be used to improve eyesight. Fennel seeds contain Vitamin A, which is beneficial to improve eyesight. In ancient India, fennel seed extracts would be used to improve symptoms of glaucoma.

  • Purify Blood

The essential oils in fennel seeds help purify the blood by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Apart from cleansing the body, it also facilitates a smooth absorption of nutrients in the body

  • Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Fennel seeds contain phytonutrients that help cure issues of sinus, the condition in which the cavities around the nasal passage become inflamed.

The expectorant properties of fennel seeds also promote the secretion of phlegm. This can be a great relief for people suffering from bronchitis, congestion, and cough.

  • Aid in Regulating Blood Pressure

Research has shown that chewing fennel seeds helps increase the nitrate content in your saliva. The increased level of nitrite is efficient in keeping a tab on your blood pressure levels.

Furthermore, fennel seeds are also rich in potassium which is responsible for regulating your heartbeat and blood pressure.

  • Reduce Acne

Regular consumption of fennel seeds supplies the body with essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and selenium. These minerals play an important role in balancing hormones as well as oxygen levels in the body.

Besides, the cooling effect of saunf gives your skin a healthy glow.

  • Curb Cancer

The antioxidants in fennel seeds prevent the growth of free radicals in the body, protecting you from life-threatening cancers, mainly skin, stomach, and breast cancers.


Now that you’ve understood the benefits of fennel seeds for weight loss and other purposes, it’s high time you incorporate it into your daily diet.

But make sure to go for organic ones that are free from harmful chemicals and cancer-causing pesticides. Go organic and gift yourself and your family the taste of health and nutrition!

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Fennel seeds and savour the taste of organic goodness

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