Daily diet and exercise routine to follow post-pregnancy

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Motherhood is a special phase in any woman’s life. However, for most women, the period post-pregnancy is filled with trauma and insecurities. The post-pregnancy routine is all about losing weight, getting back in shape, healing birth stretch marks and healing the uterus. It is best to plan a routine that includes both physical exercise and food diet. Even during breastfeeding, the food you eat greatly influences the baby’s health and development. Besides this, you can also carry on with the exercises to lose the weight that you gained during pregnancy.


A healthy diet chart

One should eat everything from green vegetables to meat to fresh fruits. Grains, rice, dairy products, and protein-rich foods are all part of the building foundation of the body. One should not overeat any particular kind of food that might result in unbalanced mineral accumulation in the body. One runs the risk of being dehydrated during their breastfeeding phase. Hence one should intake ample amounts of fluid. Drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of water every day. You can also drink juice and soup, for they also count as liquid intake.


Protein-based food like yogurt, milk, cheese, beans and fish are an important part of the post-pregnancy diet. Protein helps you recover from child delivery. Protein rebuilds your strength and stamina. Whenever you are eating a meal have your plate half full of vegetables and it is a must to eat fruits after an hour of your meals. Eat all your favorite vegetables as it will supply your body with proper minerals, vitamins, and fibers that help with constipation. But make sure to always wash fruits and vegetables under running water, to minimize the risks from pesticide-contaminated foods.


Losing weight

Don’t aim to lose weight at a fast rate. It might affect your breast milk formation and ultimately the child will suffer from lack of nutrients. Don’t go for pills that promises weight loss. They consist of drugs that might not be good for a new mother and moreover whatever you take will pass on to your child through your breast milk. Always keep your doctor in the loop. Avoid junk food completely. If your cravings are way too much then opt for homemade snacks that are healthier and way tastier than packaged chips or other crunchies, like roasted pumpkin seeds.



Walking is the most effective yet simple form of exercise that helps to reduce body weight at a natural pace. You should walk for 30 minutes, thrice every day. This can be done during the mornings, evenings and at night after dinner. Walking also does not cause too much exhaustion. You can also enroll yourself in yoga classes along with your baby. It is a fun way to lose weight and also you will be making a lot of memories with your baby.

Most importantly, new mothers should remember that staying healthy is highly essential, not just for their own sake but also for the baby who is completely dependant on them.

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