How Can You Use Cardamom For Weight Loss? - 24 Mantra Organic

How Can You Use Cardamom For Weight Loss? - 24 Mantra Organic

cardamom for weight loss

Did You Know Cardamom Is Effective For Weight Loss?

Health and Nutrition

The resurgence of natural elements for beneficial uses in wellness is a welcome change. As people display a major shift in dietary habits for fitness, the usage of natural ingredients is increasing by the day. One such ingredient that has a newfound relevance, especially with the fitness enthusiasts, is elaichi or cardamom. A lot of people are consuming cardamom for its several health benefits. However, the most noteworthy reason for its resurgence is its ability to help in weight loss. Since one of the most common diseases today is obesity, cardamom usage can well be the key to propel its popularity to uncharted territory.

Nutritional Facts Of Cardamom For Weight Loss

From 100 gm of cardamom, you will get:

Protein 10.76 gm
Fat 6.7 gm
Energy 311 kcal
Carbohydrate 68.47 gm
Calcium 383 mg
Fibre 28 gm
Magnesium 229 mg
Zinc 7 mg

Did You Know Cardamom Is Effective For Weight Loss?

Given its recent popularity, here are some well-known benefits of cardamom for weight loss.

  • Using melatonin in cardamom for weight loss

One of the best ways to combat obesity is by ensuring a good intake of melatonin. Melatonin is present in cardamom in copious amounts. It helps in the fat burning process because melatonin helps to increase the metabolical rate. An increase in metabolism is extremely beneficial for better fat processing and the release of energy. This is the primary reason why using elaichi for weight loss is fundamentally beneficial for all.

  • Improving gut health through cardamom for weight loss

One of the main reasons why elaichi for weight loss is a great idea is because it contains natural ingredients that fight against bacterial infections and balances the gut flora. This helps the stomach to function normally and avoid any extra issues in the digestive process. Sound gut health helps prevent gut-related problems such as indigestion, constipation, and water retention. If gut health is in prime condition, only then can the metabolic processes function properly and help create the perfect conditions for weight loss.

  • Cutting the abdominal bulge

One of the main challenges to people who want to shed some kilos is to tackle abdominal bulge. Using cardamom can be beneficial in this regard because of the natural properties in it. Due to these properties, cardamom can help cut down the accumulated fat in the abdominal region. Its natural gut-related properties and other ingredients such as melatonin help in cutting the fat around the abdomen and stomach really fast. Apart from this, since it prevents water retention, it can further help in sustaining a better weight loss regimen.

  • Using cardamom for weight loss as an essential detox

Our bodily processes continuously secrete many different chemicals, and not all of them are beneficial. Some of them act as neurotransmitter blockers that inhibit natural glandular functioning. People suffering from obesity particularly face these problems relating to the hormonal imbalance. Using cardamom in such cases can be beneficial because of its richness in antioxidant properties that can easily flush out the toxins and other unwanted chemicals from the body.

The Bottom Line

Cardamom usage has proven to be extremely beneficial for people who wish to approach a healthy lifestyle. Its many uses concern individuals for weight loss and many other health benefits such as wellness, skin, gut, etc. To get the optimum result, you must choose the organic variety as they have no harmful chemicals and 100% natural.

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