Kernel Wonders: How Wheat Bran Nutrition Benefits Us?

Kernel Wonders: How Wheat Bran Nutrition Benefits Us?


Did You know these nutritional facts of Wheat Bran?

Health and Nutrition

The rise of organic food culture in India is showing a healthy trend amongst the people. People are beginning to appreciate the nutritional value of organic products. This is because Organic products are far more beneficial than other products whose nutritional value is diluted by pesticides and chemicals.

One of these organic products that are increasingly becoming popular is the Wheat Bran. It is one of the by-products of the wheat kernel and is considered to possess high nutritional value. Today wheat bran is used in many everyday food products, including in cereals, muffins, oats, etc.

Fitness enthusiasts and common people alike very well know wheat Bran nutrition facts. It includes high fiber content, which is considered essential for good colon health.

Although this plant produce is stripped away in the milling process, it is still considered to be a rich source of plant compounds and minerals. One of the lesser-known but essential Wheat Bran nutrition facts is its ability to improve your health and lower your risk of chronic diseases.

To further enumerate the Wheat Bran Nutrition profile, one can see that apart from the fibre content, a half-cup (29 grams) serving contains –

Fat 1.3 grams
Saturated Fat 0.2 grams
Protein 4.5 grams
Carbohydrates 18.5 grams
Dietary Fibre 12.5 grams
Thiamine 0.15 mg
Riboflavin 0.15 mg
Niacin 4 mg
Vitamin B6 0.4 mg
Potassium 343 mg
Iron 3.05 mg
Magnesium 177 mg
Phosphorous 294 mg
Total Calories 63 kcal

To highlight its benefits, these are the top Wheat Bran nutrition facts that will influence you to switch over to wheat bran today.

Improves Your Digestive Health

Wheat Bran has many far-reaching benefits to your health and specifically to your digestive health. It is quite well known that one of the essential Wheat Bran nutrition benefits is its fibre content.

  • It is a concentrated source of insoluble fibre, which ensures a smooth passing of stool by clearing your colon.
  • Its fibre content is also known to add bulk to your stool and accelerate colon movement by cleaning the colonary tract.
  • It is particularly beneficial in the prevention of colon related issues such as constipation.
  • Additionally, studies have shown that Wheat Bran nutrition value is of particular importance in preventing digestive symptoms such as bloating and discomfort.
  • It is also rich in prebiotics, which acts as a food source to strengthen gut bacteria and promote bowel health.

Prevents Risk of Colon Cancer

Another benefit derived from the Wheat Bran nutrition is its role n the prevention of colon cancer.

  • Numerous studies have corroborated the claim that wheat bran intake leads to a reduced risk of colon cancer.
  • It is also believed that Wheat Bran nutrition is pivotal in the prevention of tumour development in the colon.
  • Compared to other high-fibre sources such as oat bran, wheat bran proves to be more effective not just due to fibre content but also because of other nutritional ingredients such as phytochemical lignans phytic acids.
  • Intake of wheat bran also significantly increments the bodily production of short-chain fatty acids. These are highly beneficial for our gut bacteria and colon cells.

Prevents Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

  • In women, its natural antioxidant properties have shown a resistance to the development of breast cancer.
  • This is due to the inhibition of breast cancer cells’ growth by phytic acid and lignan.
  • Furthermore, scientists suggest that fiber causes an increase in the estrogen secretions by the body and reduces its intestinal absorption and storage.
  • Thus, Wheat Bran nutrition causes a significant decrease in the estrogen circulation levels, which inhibits breast cancer cells’ growth.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Many observational research hints at a possible correlation between high-fibre diets and reduced heart disease risk. The recent findings report suggests a significant decrease in the overall cholesterol levels after consuming wheat bran regularly. The surprising thing though, is that it seems to target only bad cholesterol.

This is so because there was no evidence of a decrease in HDL cholesterol, which is considered to be good. It is also an essential aspect of Wheat Bran nutrition that high dietary fibre content diets are shown to lower blood triglyceride levels.

These triglycerides are a kind of fat that is found in your blood. High triglyceride levels are shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases. Therefore, adding wheat bran to your dietary requirements can definitely increase your overall fibre intake and counteract heart risks.

Helps in Weight Management and Weight Loss

Wheat Bran nutrition has a high calorific value that is able to satiate your hunger pangs and leave feeling full and satisfied. This is a vital step in maintaining weight as adding wheat bran to your healthy smoothies and shakes, or cereals or yogurt, etc. does not leave you hungry for more.

  • A scientific review indicates that increased consumption of dietary fibrosis is vital in stemming the obesity problem and can help you in weight loss.
  • Many researchers have also concluded that adding such types of functional fibre in certain weight-loss diets is important.
  • Additionally, it is considered as a tool to further the success of your weight loss. This makes it an absolute favourite in the weight management community.


It is important to know here that, like the other by-products of wheat, bran does have its fair share of health benefits. However, for those trying to assess both sides, you must remember that it also contains gluten, a natural property in wheat products. Thus, fitness enthusiasts who want to add bulk to their body and are also concerned with their digestive movements must switch over to Wheat Bran.

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