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Do you want help to plan your diet?

Health and Nutrition

In recent times we are bombarded with nutrition information from all sides. The data we get
from social media is so much that more than helping us it ends up confusing us! The reason
is everyone wants to have a say when it comes to food. We have been eating food from the
time we were born hence we have to right to think we can give expert opinion too.

Ask an expert
Everyone eats food but that not mean everyone has become an expert. Ask a dietician or a
nutritionist or someone who has an advanced degree in the field of nutrition or food related
subject. An expert can see the effect of different foods on not only that particular situation
but related aspects too. An expert is equipped to give you proper advise. Knowledge of all
the aspects of nutrition is very important and only an expert will be able to guide you well.

It is our health we are talking about so let us take it seriously.
We need to be smart with our food choices. But sometimes we may need extra help and we
may need to ask an expert. Those situations may be:

  1. During pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant, you want to give your baby a
    healthy start right from the beginning
  2. During the period of lactation when maternal and infant health depends on what the
    mother eats
  3. If you are trying to deal with any eating disorders which can be complicated
  4. When trying to lose weight which you have been unsuccessful on your own
  5.  You need a proper diet if you are afflicted with any lifestyle disease such as diabetes,
  6. If you are an athlete and you need proper diet plan to enhance your performance.
  7. When any food sensitivities exist (food allergies or food intolerances) and you need
    information on how to avoid certain foods which cause problems
  8.  If you have a teenager you want to put on the right path of healthy eating.
  9.  When aging family members need special diet.
  10.  Or if you want to simply eat right and stay fit!

Be cautious with what you read on social media
There is good and bad all around us in this world. The same thing happens on social media too.
We are flooded with so much information from all sides and we get a little flustered about
what to believe and what not to.

Most important things to keep in mind while judging the information you read and then
decide whether to take it seriously or not.

  1. Who is it coming from? Is the person qualified to talk or write about that subject? If
    not just delete it.
  2. Is it a marketing ploy? If someone is praising a product to the skies without proper
    evidence then it is most probably a promotion strategy.

Get a personalized plan

Remember what works for a friend may not work for you. Every individual reacts differently
to different foods. A diet plan or strategy which worked for one may not work for another.
Always get a personalized plan that suits you. Do your research well before you embark on
any diet strategies. Taking the help of an expert will also help because they are equipped to
look at your situation from all angles and give you a holistic solution.

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