Top 7 Clove medicinal Uses You Must Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Top 7 Clove medicinal Uses You Must Know - 24 Mantra Organic


Fascinating medical uses of cloves

Health and Nutrition

Coming from the family of aromaticum, myrtaceae and syzygium, cloves are the flower buds of a plant with a nice aroma. This commonly found spice has lots of health benefits.

What Are Some Clove Medicinal Uses? 

When it comes to finding out the medicinal value of cloves, you will be surprised to know that there is not one but many. Have a look below:

  • For diabetes: One of the common clove medicinal uses being that it is good for diabetes. Chewing cloves every day can help people suffering from chronic diabetes. If chewing does not suit you, intake of 10 gm of ground clove with warm every morning will help you control diabetes.
  • Clove medicinal uses for acidity: If acidity is a regular part of your life, get rid of it by chewing on cloves for 10 minutes after every meal. Besides that, you should refrain from having any dessert or water right after the meal.
  • Removing hangover: Drinking alcohol and hangover go hand in hand. To prevent it, you can have a spoonful of clove flower extract before drinking. This will reduce the hangover to a large extent.
  • For controlling cholesterol: With age, the level of cholesterol might increase, which is not good for your heart health. Thus, make cloves an integral part of your diet. Have it whole or in powder form with warm water daily to see a significant drop in the cholesterol level.
  • Cloves as mosquito repellent: You can get many mosquito repellents in the market, but most of them are loaded with chemicals. Thus, using clove gel or clove oil on the skin will keep the mosquitoes from you.
  • Clove medicinal uses for easing toothache: Tooth pain is a common problem for most of the people, and the situation aggravates with age. Applying clove oil can provide you with immediate relief. Moreover, you can use toothpaste and mouth rinse made with cloves to soothe the toothache. Gargling with clove water is also beneficial. You can easily make it at home by boiling a handful of cloves in some water and then straining it.
  • Clove medicinal uses for sweating of palms: Do you have hyperhidrosis? In simple words, does your palm sweat a lot? Then you can apply clove oil to the palms for about 15 days daily to see the difference.
  • Prevents acne: Acne is a problem for most of the youth today, and the horrible thing about them is that they do not leave as fast as they appear. Besides that, they always leave their ugly marks behind. To treat these issues, you can apply clove oil to the skin after mixing it with jojoba oil and coconut oil. Doing it daily will not only treat the acne but also lighten the marks.
  • Cloves and honey for throat pain: Mix one tablespoon of honey with a pod of cloves and keep it like that for about 8 hours. After that, consume that mixture slowly every day to soothe the throat pain.
  • Very good for bad breath: Who on earth likes to have bad breath? But sometimes you have that without even knowing. Thus, it is better to chew 2-3 cloves when you are going out or after a meal to get rid of bad breath if any.
  • Beneficial for both nausea and vomiting: If you want a natural remedy for vomiting and nausea, use cloves. Yes! Put 2-3 drops of clove oil on a piece of cloth or kerchief and keep smelling it till the feeling of nausea leaves you. Consuming a few drops of clove oil with warm water is effective in reducing your vomiting tendency. But do not gulp down the water at one go; rather sip it slowly. If you don’t have clove oil, grind some cloves and consume it with a spoonful of honey to get rid of nausea and vomiting.
  • Good for arthritis and rheumatism: Do you have sore muscles or muscle pain? Are you suffering from arthritis, joint pain as well as rheumatism? If yes, then mix clove oil with olive oil or any other oil and massage the affected area with it. Doing it 3-4 times every day will relieve you from the pain.
  • Clove tea for respiratory issues: Getting rid of respiratory issues is easier if you consume 2-3 cups of clove tea every day.
  • Basil and cloves for asthma: To get rid of asthma, there is nothing better than cloves and basil. In some water, soak cloves, peppercorns and basil for the whole night and next morning boil the mixture for a few minutes. Let it cool and mix with a teaspoon of honey before consumption. Having this mixture daily in warm milk will also ease asthma.

Nutritional Facts and Medicinal Value of Cloves

From 1 tablespoon or 6.5 gm of cloves, you will get the following nutrients.

Manganese 3.908 mg
Iron 0.77 mg
Dietary fibre 2.2 gm
carbohydrates 0.26 gm
Copper 0.24 mg
fat 0.84 gm
Vitamin E 0.57 gm
calcium 41 mg
magnesium 17 mg
Calories 18 kcal

Clove Medicinal Uses – Final Thought

To tell you the truth, the benefits and uses of cloves are endless. You can have this in as many ways as you want to reap its benefits. Having organic cloves will double the medicinal value of cloves because organic cloves come directly from the farmer, and they cultivate it without any chemicals and pesticides. So, you get only the best quality cloves.

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