Exploring the various fennel seeds uses and its benefits. - 24 Mantra Organic

Exploring the various fennel seeds uses and its benefits. - 24 Mantra Organic


Fennel Seeds: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Health and Nutrition


Fennel is a widely popular plant which derives its value from medicinal properties along with its use as an aromatic accomplice to meals. Owing to its rich composition of certain chemical components, fennel induces a digestive and diuretic effect on the body, which proves to be beneficial to treat gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders.

Among the major constituents which are responsible for the unique fennel seeds uses are:

  • Trans-Anethole
  • 2-pentanone
  • Fenchone
  • Benzaldehyde -4-Methoxy

Additionally, fennel seeds are also found to be rich in phenols and phenolic glycosides. Together, these elements make fennel seeds useful for addition as a flavouring agent in various baked goods, alcoholic beverages and herb mixes. The various fennel seeds uses mainly focus on the antifungal, antioxidant and antibacterial benefits of the seed. The organic variety of fennel seed is most useful when it comes to drawing wholesome benefits from it. They are cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides, which make them safe for consumption by your family.


Fennel Seeds Uses: Are There Any Benefits Of Using The Seed? 

There are a few benefits of fennels seeds which make them useful for addition in your routine diet.

Storehouse Of Powerful Plant Compounds

Due to the rich composition of antioxidants and components such as quercetin, the fennel seeds uses can prove to be beneficial for treating chronic conditions like heart disease and neurological diseases. Several other components found in the seeds can provide protection from damage caused by free radicals and also lend anti-inflammatory properties to the body.

Helps To Suppress Appetite

Consumption of fennel seeds may help to suppress appetite, which will lead to lesser consumption of calories, leading to better management of weight. This property of fennel seeds uses is derived from the presence of anethole in the seeds.

May Aid In Fighting Cancer

The presence of plant compounds in fennel may contribute to better management of chronic diseases like cancer. Anethole, which is found in fennel exhibits properties which are known to fight cancer-causing cells. It can potentially suppress the growth of such cells.

Benefits To Breastfeeding Women

Due to the special galactogenic properties shown by fennel seeds, the fennel seeds uses extends to increasing the secretion of milk in breastfeeding women. The seeds have shown promising results on increasing the levels of prolactin in the blood, which is the hormone that signals to the body that it needs to produce breast milk.

Displays Antibacterial Properties

The consumption of fennel seeds can control the growth of bacteria and yeast in the body, which may be responsible for several infections. Thus, organically sourced fennel seeds can help to maintain a healthy body and state of fitness.

Helps To Reduce Inflammation

Fennel Seeds are found to be rich in antioxidant content and as such, consumption of these seeds on a regular basis may be helpful to control inflammation in the body.


Fennel Seeds Uses: Best Ways To Use These Wonder Seeds

Given the handful of benefits which fennel seeds seem to exhibit on the human body, it is useful to consume them on a regular basis and derive their useful benefits. Here are some fine ways to use organic fennel seeds, which are a source of better livelihood for the farmers who cultivate them.

Culinary Use

Due to the high aromatic content in fennel seeds, they are used as a flavouring herb in a variety of dishes and meals. They are most commonly found in baked goods, herb mixtures and ice creams, where they work as a zesty and flavourful addition. Thus, you will find that fennel seeds have wide use in many culinary preparations around the world.

Local Medicine

Fennel seeds display properties which are similar to anise and dill water. It displays certain carminative properties which can correct several medical problems. Different plant components found in fennel seeds can be used to treat a variety of health conditions.

Female Health Disorders

Consumption of fennel extract, made using its seeds, is said to help in avoiding painful menstruation and treat menopausal symptoms.


Consumption of fennel seeds orally may have a positive impact on treating digestion and constipation issues. It can also help in the reduction of intestinal gas and bloating in the body.


Do Fennel Seeds Uses Contribute To Any Side Effects?

Possible side effects associated with consumption of fennel seeds include difficulty in breathing, increased sun sensitivity, feeling of vomiting, chest pains, hives and rashes.

Therefore, it is recommended that under serious medical conditions, consumption of fennel seeds must be made only after a prescription from a doctor.


Conclusion: Is It Worth It To Consume Fennel Seeds?

Fennel seeds indeed display some quality benefits for the body. Its benefits in treating digestion-related issues are well documented. Moreover, the use of fennel seeds in preparing several culinary dishes is promoted owing to its aromatic and rich flavours. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to store fennel seeds in your collection of herbs.

However, in cases of a known allergy or history of allergies to fennel and its components, only consume under the guidance of an experienced doctor. If you want to make the most of your food with fennel seeds, only use organically sourced fennel seeds, which are a healthier and safer option for you and your family. The nutritional content of organic fennel seeds far exceeds what you get with regular fennel seeds. Moreover, organically cultivated fennel seeds are far more sustainable for the environment and better for the ecology.

lTry 24 Mantra Organic’s Fenne and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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