Fenugreek benefits for hair: everything you need to know- 24 Mantra Organic

Fenugreek benefits for hair: everything you need to know- 24 Mantra Organic


Fenugreek Benefits for Hair: Everything You Need to Know

Health and Nutrition

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, fenugreek (referred to as Methi in Hindi) has much historical significance. The centre maintains that fenugreek was used for treating an array of health conditions such as digestive complications and childbirth issues.

Nowadays, aside from being used as a condiment, herb, spice and flavouring agent for cooking, fenugreek is consumed as a dietary supplement for people suffering from diabetes, as a stimulant for milk production and to treat various other health conditions. Not only that but organic fenugreek is even more beneficial, often considered a superfood, since it’s free of harmful chemical compounds.

The Indian subcontinent especially has been known to utilize fenugreek seeds, oil and methi powder to treat a variety of afflictions owing to its medicinal properties.

Fenugreek Benefits for Hair – What We Know so Far

Methi belongs to the herb family and has roots in Western Asia and parts of Europe. Let’s look at the different ways in which this spice can benefit your hair.

  1. A natural conditioner – Aside from inculcating methi into your diet so that it can improve the condition of your hair, you can also make a paste out of fenugreek seeds and apply it directly onto your scalp. All you need to do is soak the methi seeds overnight, boil them and make a thick paste out of it. As per The Health Site, massaging your hair with the fenugreek paste regularly will make your hair smooth, reduce hair fall and improve the overall condition of your hair. The fenugreek benefits for hair also include ridding your scalp of dandruff.
  2. It reduces hair fall – In a study conducted by Research Gate, the extracts derived from fenugreek seeds were given to women and men suffering from hair fall (by way of supplements). As per the results of the study, the participants with low to moderate hair fall and hair loss showed positive outcomes. The treatment was successful, and the study concluded that these food supplements had positive effects on the hair growth of the participants as well.
  3. Methi contains micronutrients – Fenugreek consists of micronutrients like antioxidants, B-vitamins (that help in hair growth), and other trace elements. Researchers believe that methi interacts with your hair follicles and steroid saponins by stimulating blood circulation.
  4. Fenugreek oil benefits for hair – Another study conducted by Research Gate showed the effects that methi oil and its application had on mice hair growth. The oil was obtained by extracting powdered fenugreek leaves through cold and hot extraction methods. The results of the study indicated the presence of proteins and carbohydrates in high quantities, which led to the conclusion that fenugreek leaves with ethanol extract increased the chances of hair growth in mice.
  5. Methi seed extract helps in hair growth – According to an evaluation performed by the International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology, the extract derived from fenugreek seeds significantly ups the chances of hair growth. The paper further maintains that the positive results are perhaps due to the presence of flavonoids and triterpenoids. These elements allow for hair-growth related activities that induce blood circulation that, in turn, nourishes hair follicles.

Other Benefits of Methi

As discussed earlier, the fenugreek benefits for hair are plenty. But methi is such a ubiquitous herb that its health benefits extend to other areas as well. Here are a few more advantages of consuming fenugreek either as a supplement or for external use.


  1. Methi treats skin-issues – Fenugreek can be used as a face-pack to rid your face of blackheads, wrinkles and even prevent acne and pimples from cropping up. You can either wash your face with water (that has been boiled with methi seeds in it) or apply a paste made out of fenugreek leaves onto your face (for about 20 minutes).
  2. Diminishes scars and alleviates skin inflammation – Methi seeds contain potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that assist in the treatment of skin-related issues. This includes conditions like skin burns, eczema and boils. Fenugreek seeds also help in diminishing skin blemishes and scars. For treating skin inflammations, you can place a cloth that has been soaked in methi paste onto your face.
  3. Aids in treating stomach-related problems – If you have an upset stomach, gastritis, stomach inflammation, or if you’re suffering from constipation, consuming methi seeds or fenugreek supplements is bound to relieve you of these health conditions.


Fenugreek Seeds – Nutritional Information

Methi seeds contain a host of essential nutrients including powerful antioxidants and several vitamins and minerals. Here’s a list of the nutritional content found in one teaspoon of the medicinal herb.

Calories: 12
Protein: 0.85g
Total fat: 0.24g
Carbohydrates: 2.16g
Total dietary fibre: 0.9g
Sodium: 2mg
Calcium: 7mg
Iron: 1.24mg
Magnesium: 7mg
Phosphorus: 11mg
Potassium: 28mg
Zinc: 0.09mg
Vitamin C: 0.1mg
Thiamin: 0.012mg
Riboflavin: 0.014mg
Niacin: 0.061mg
Vitamin B-6: 0.022mg
Vitamin A: 2 international units (IU) (6)



The mere fact that its health benefits extend to not just the hair, but the skin, stomach, and most probably several other areas of the body goes to show just how many medicinal properties these seeds possess.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Fenugreek seeds and feel the goodness inside!

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