Jaggery for Babies - What you should know before adding it to their diet? - 24 Mantra organic

Jaggery for Babies - What you should know before adding it to their diet? - 24 Mantra organic

jaggery for babies, jaggery in milk for babies

Find out How Jaggery Can Have a Healthy Impact on Your Baby

Health and Nutrition

Are you planning to include jaggery/brown sugar in your baby’s food? But are you concerned that it may have some adverse effects on health? If these questions have been bothering you, you should probably consider reading up on jaggery for babies below.

What is jaggery?

Jaggery (gur) is unrefined sugar from raw and concentrated sugarcane juice. Many Asians and Africans regularly consume brown sugar in their diet. Jaggery is the closest substitute for white sugar and is also good for your health. However, most mothers are wary of feeding their babies brown sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the benefits of including jaggery for babies in your baby’s diet.


Nutritional facts of jaggery for babies

From 100 grams of jaggery, they get the following.

Energy 383 calories
Sucrose 65-85 gm
Fructose and glucose 11-16 gm
Fat 1.1 gm
Protein 1.4 gm
Iron 11 mg
Magnesium 70-90 mg
Potassium 1050 mg
manganese 0.2-0.5 mg

Benefits of jaggery for babies


  • Jaggery in milk for babies increases immunity

When it comes to antioxidant-rich food, jaggery has minerals and antioxidants, such as selenium and zinc. These micro-nutrients help to prevent the risk of cell damage due to free radical activity. Thus, jaggery helps in fighting infection and increases their immunity.

  • Jaggery for babies prevents the risk of anaemia

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, which is a mineral par excellence for the formation of haemoglobin. Adding jaggery in milk for babies provides a sufficient amount of iron and avoids the risk of iron deficiency or anaemia. Adding a tiny portion of jaggery to your baby’s diet will surely help the baby to meet his/her daily requirements for the essential mineral.

  • Jaggery cleanses the liver

Unrefined sugar helps detoxify your baby’s body. Jaggery removes all harmful toxins from your baby’s body, cleanses the liver and detoxifies it. Add a small piece of brown sugar to your baby’s food.

  • Jaggery prevents constipation

Babies often have constipation. Including jaggery in milk promotes healthy bowel movement. Raw sugar also helps to activate digestive enzymes and promotes digestion in babies.

  • Jaggery strengthens the bones

Jaggery for babies is also a good source of the minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for healthy bones and tissues. Including raw sugar in the baby’s diet helps your baby have strong and healthy bones.

  • Jaggery in milk for babies treats cold and flu symptoms

Babies tend to suffer from frequent coughs, colds, bloating, fluid retention, and flu symptoms. Jaggery for babies is highly effective in treating cold and flu symptoms. All you need to do is mix the raw sugar in warm water and feed it to your baby through their food. Soon your baby will be in relief.


The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the benefits that babies can fetch from gur. Keep in mind that jaggery can have some adverse effect if given in excess quantity, such as worms, skin rashes, and cavity. Thus, maintaining an adequate level of gur is always mandatory. It contains a lot of calories too. So, the excess amount can make the babies fat too.

Moreover, whenever you think of adding jaggery in the diet of your baby, opt for the organic variety. Available at many stores these days, both online and offline, organic jaggery is 100% natural and free from any pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Jaggery Powder and savour the taste of organic goodness.


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