Jeera Benefits In Ayurveda And More - 24 Mantra Organic

Jeera Benefits In Ayurveda And More - 24 Mantra Organic


Health and Dietary Benefits of Jeera According to Ayurveda

Health and Nutrition


Popular Indian spices have always had a ton of medical benefits. They are combined into dishes in a way to balance both flavour and nutrition. One such versatile spice is jeera or cumin. Available in both powder and seeds — this is a spice with many benefits. The jeera benefits in Ayurveda studies have stunned users around the world.

The spice that originated in the Mediterranean and South Asian regions has become a powerhouse in the Indian kitchen. Almost any dish we make starts with a tempering of jeera. The benefits of these are backed by studies worldwide.

The tricky thing about spices is the quality factor. You can consume all the right information about jeera benefits in Ayurveda books and blogs, but you will never reap the wholesome nutrition from them if bought from the incorrect place.

Many samples of jeera in the Indian market have proven to be weak and contaminated. Picking up your spices from an organic source is your best bet. This process will ensure the cumin is free of additives, fresh, and rich in antioxidants. They also come in attractive, user-friendly sizes and retain freshness for longer.

The simple change creates a heap-load of benefits. Once you have the good cumin, powder or seeds, these jeera benefits in Ayurveda and science will restore your faith in this spice.

Health & Dietary Benefits of Jeera According to Ayurveda and Science

Aids In Digestion

In the traditional kitchen of India and South Asia, the use of cumin to treat digestive disorders is a popular trend. This practice is also one of the most prominent jeera benefits in Ayurveda. Jeera in the seed, or powder form, is equally compelling.

The jeera seeds are said to enhance the quality and the performance of digestive enzymes. This improvement will help speed up the process and ensure the system is clean. They are also proven to increase the levels of bile in the liver. This enzyme helps to digest fats and breakdown nutrients.

There is sufficient research to show that jeera can help with irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, acidity, and much more. These seeds can be used in regular doses in all your foods for the best results.

For chronic digestive issues, soak a few seeds in water overnight, and start your day by drinking this glass of water.

Promotes Weight Loss

The use of cumin in health-supplements is vivid proof of its weight loss benefits. Also listed under the many jeera benefits in Ayurveda scripts and books. Since they are better enhancers of digestion, they inevitably help reduce weight or control eating habits.

Much research on this has shown that a patient battling weight loss finds it easier to manage a diet with a few grams of cumin each day. Their use of cumin helps promote weight-loss but is not a remedy for it.

Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are those chemicals that help reduce the strain on the body from free radicals. They are usually neutral in nature, thus better repairing the body and assisting the body’s natural healing system work better.

The jeera benefits in Ayurveda have often stated its role as an excellent antioxidant. When there is an oxidation of fatty acids, they tend to block or restrict your arteries. The use of jeera in your diet will help reduce this strain.

They also work as a supplier of electrons to the life-less free radicals, making them stable and better for the body.

Manager Irregular Blood-Cholesterol

The body has a particular fat (or lipid) called triglycerides. These occur in the blood, and there is a need to keep them checked to ensure low cholesterol and better heart-functions. These triglycerides are usually realized from hormones to provide energy between meals.

The use of jeera has proven to reduce the impact of these unhealthy blood triglycerides by a substantial amount, thus reducing the rise of high-cholesterol or other heart disorders. A study also showed that the use of jeera could reduce the risk of LDL cholesterol.

Reduce Drug Dependency

One of the most common jeera benefits in Ayurveda studies have shown that jeera-water use can reduce the dependence or addiction to most substances. Research shows that components of cumin are known to fight withdrawal symptoms.

This process also helps since jeera is an excellent way to boost immunity and metabolism. This process will also help manage your appetite and diminish the basic cravings from withdrawal.

Fights Inflammation

One of the most commonly known jeera benefits in Ayurveda practices has been its use to fight a common cold or flu. Jeera is often boiled in water with a few added mints leaves or tulsi to help control inflammation. This concoction is a common practice in most parts of India.

They do not cure the inflammation but help soothe the wound and provide short-term relief.

Mineral Overview Of Jeera

Calcium 55.9 MG
Iron 04.0 MG
Magnesium 22.0 MG
Phosphorus 30.0 mg
Potassium 105 mg
Sodium 11.0 mg
Zinc 0.3 mg

How to Use Jeera?

Being such a versatile substance, the use is possible in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Add as a base spice in all tempering before cooking. Use jeera seeds for the best results.
  • Buy cumin powder or toast and grind a few seeds to make the power. Add this powder to buttermilk and drink each day. This will ensure better hydration and digestion.
  • Soak a few seeds of jeera in room-temperature water overnight. Drink this glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is one of the longest known methods to gain jeera benefits in Ayurveda practices.
  • Boil jeera seeds, with a few other aromatic leaves like mint and tulsi in a pot of water. Fill this into your bottle and drink all day.

Final thoughts

There is both science and medical backing to prove the uses of jeera. The jeera benefits in Ayurveda research have especially resulted in many health supplements and immunity medication.

The role of jeera in cooking and providing digestive ease has made it a hero of the Indian kitchen. Adding a little cumin to your diet will ensure your better health.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Cumin and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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