Should you use Wheatgrass for Thyroid? Let's Check That Out! - 24 Mantra Organic

Should you use Wheatgrass for Thyroid? Let's Check That Out! - 24 Mantra Organic


How to use wheatgrass for thyroid health?

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Hormones are the special chemical substances present in the body that controls all sorts of life functions. These substances are generally secreted from separate glands and control the functions of other organs in the body. One of the major hormones that regulate metabolism in the body is the thyroid hormone.

Due to several medical conditions, the thyroid gland often fails to synthesise appropriate amounts of this hormone, which leads to the development of hyper or hypothyroidism in the person. Although medications are available, the professionals always recommend the patient make specific lifestyle choices to control these health conditions and their harmful effects.

Regular workout sessions to healthy eating habits, you need to change every bit of your regular lifestyle to control the ill-effects of these conditions. Among the other options available, one of the most unconventional ones is the usage of wheatgrass for thyroid.

Not many users are still aware of this little plant’s amazing benefits, which is quite beneficial for regular consumption. Wheatgrass refers to the food produced from the Triticum aestivum plant.

According to the specialists, it is a super potent health food which offers you amazing advantages. One can consume it as a fresh juice or even in powder form. Please note that the fest wheatgrass juice is also considered to be a living food.  And hence, it is quite prevalently being considered as a great option for wheatgrass hyperthyroidism remedy.

What Makes Wheatgrass A Superfood?

If you want to know how effective wheatgrass for a thyroid condition is, it is essential to know why this food is considered a superfood. It is packed with a strong and amazingly powerful combination of nutrients that can make it extremely profitable for health.

In simpler terms, wheatgrass has multiple therapeutic advantages and popularly known to be a complete nourishing supplement. And the extensive combination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals make this one an exceptional choice for one’s well-being. To add to these facts, wheatgrass offers antibacterial, antioxidant, and excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the constituents of wheatgrass are:

  • Enzymes
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phytonutrients
  • Calcium
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins B, A, K, C, E
  • Proteins
  • Chlorophyll

These are some of the major ingredients that make wheatgrass for thyroid an excellent regular food choice.

Nutritional Facts of Wheatgrass

Energy 25 calories
Cholesterol zero
Fat zero
Fibre 4 gm
Sugar zero
Vitamin K 86 mcg
Carbohydrates 6 gm

How Effective Is Wheatgrass For Thyroid Condition? 

The thyroid condition results from the imbalance in the secretion of the thyroid hormones in the body. Like any other remedies, using the wheatgrass for thyroid is also an effective way to control the body’s condition. Here are some of the advantages of using wheatgrass in daily life for your reference:

  • Helps In Controlling Obesity

So, due to disturbances in the body’s thyroid hormone levels, the patient tends to put up a lot of weight, worsening the situation. If you regularly consume wheatgrass along with your diet, you can lose weight pretty efficiently.

The thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolism of the body. Wheatgrass for the thyroid is effective as it stimulates the gland to synthesize the hormones, thereby regulating body metabolism. As the body can synthesize more energy, the patient loses weight, which helps control hyperthyroidism’s ill-effects.

  • Effective In Controlling Thyroid Gland

Another reason why you need to know about wheatgrass hyperthyroidism is that it consists of selenium. It is a substance that makes the wheatgrass quite effective for controlling the thyroid gland’s normal functioning. And as a result, regular consumption of wheatgrass is quite beneficial in controlling the thyroid hormones’ secretions.

  • Boosts Immunity

As already highlighted in the previous section, wheatgrass juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is effective in regulating the immunity of the consumer.

That means it can provide the ultimate protection to the body against the harmful effects of carcinogens and toxins, leading to several other conditions. One can consume a glass of wheatgrass juice every day to enhance cell repair in the body. Also, these are known for counterbalancing the pollutants and other harmful substances in the body.

How to Use Wheatgrass for Thyroid?

One of the best and most profitable ways to incorporate wheatgrass in your diet is by adding its juice to your morning schedule. You can also consume it in raw form or powdered one. In case you do not like the taste, you can add some honey or milk to the juice to give it a nice twist. In case these aren’t feasible options for you, you can consume it in the form of pills or capsule.

Final Takeout

So, wheatgrass for thyroid is quite effective for the ones looking for natural remedies to boost their thyroid health. Making these choices is personal and requires extensive research and knowledge about the same. Hence, if you are looking for such healthy and effective remedies to control your thyroid condition, make sure to consult a licensed professional first.

Also, opt for organic wheatgrass to reap the utmost benefits as this is totally natural and free of chemicals and has no water retention.



Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Wheat Grass powder and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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