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Indulgent to healthy: Way forward in the baking world


Indulgent to healthy: Way forward in the baking world

Health and Nutrition

The general opinion among consumers is that bakery products except for bread and biscuits are indulgent products. They are calorie dense and are mostly consumed to pamper our taste buds. Bakery products are popular not just among youth but with everyone.

No party happens without cutting a cake

Are we staying away from baked goods because they fat and calorie dense? Of course not! No birthday is complete without the yummy chocolate or cream laden cake and neither is a wedding or a farewell party or in fact any party! If not cutting the cake then it is included as the dessert or served with coffee.

Bread has become an integral part of our diet

And what about bread? It has become a basic food product of Indian diet mostly because of the convenience factor. It is no more a food taken when someone is ill, it has become a breakfast food for many. It is served in coffee shops as sandwich, at picnics and especially while travelling it becomes a necessity.

Bread and other baked products are here to stay!

Should we abstain from bakery products?  It is not possible because of the simple reason that baked products are very popular and liked by consumers. We can see the popularity of baked goods from the mushrooming number of home bakers and bakery outlets all around us.

Bakery products and lifestyle diseases

High calorie diets are one of the reasons for onset of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. The more practical approach would be to make baked goods healthier. Bakers need to make their products healthy and consumers need to look for healthier options among the available bakery foods.

Make baked products healthier by

Fortifying with:

Protein (Soy, pea and whey)

Protein helps growth in children and increases immunity along with so many other advantages

Minerals (Iron and calcium)

Iron helps combat anaemia and calcium is good for bones

Vitamins (B complex and D)

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects and vitamin D is good for bones

Antioxidants (Flax seeds, soy, berries and fruits)

Good for heart health and helps reduce risk of certain cancers

Fiber (Bran, oats and multigrains)

Contributes to satiety, adds bulk to food and helps growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut


For vegetarians and vegans

Prebiotics (Inulin)

Good for overall digestive system health

Gluten free

For people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance

Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA)

Good for brain and heart health

Reducing Fat, Salt & Sugar

There are alternatives in the market and if they are safely used then why not. Also, fat, sugar and salt can be reduced and that in itself is a way to health.

Removal of Trans fats & Allergens

Complete removal of trans fat or at least keeping it to the minimum allowed is essential as trans fats are deleterious to heart health. And if a person is allergic to a substance then it is his/her responsibility to look for options that do not contain the said allergen.

The onus is on the baker to make products the consumer wants

It is imperative that the bakers need to offer healthy choices to the consumer. Be it the extra amount of fiber or vitamins or minerals or a combination of them. Give the consumer more value for their money in the form of health and nutrition. That little extra nutrient will make the consumer pick up your products. Or it could also be removal /reduction of certain components such as sugar and fat that the consumer may be looking for.

Give your product that edge over others. A sports enthusiast will go for a product which offers more protein, a woman with a teenage daughter may choose something with that extra bit of iron or calcium and a family with young boys may be tempted by a product which has omega 3 fatty acids like DHA.

There is a market for every category of product provided projected wisely.

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