Is Quinoa Good For Diabetics? Here's All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Is Quinoa Good For Diabetics? Here's All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic


Is quinoa good for diabetics? Here’s everything you need to know

Health and Nutrition

This high-quality superfood has become a rage in the fitness community for its superfood-like characteristics. This super-grain is an excellent source of energy, protein, and healthy carbohydrates for those conscious of what they eat or watch their health.

However, there are many doubts about this superfood. Is quinoa good for diabetics? How do you make them? Where does it come from? We aim to debunk all these doubts here today.

Understanding Quinoa

Pronounced as Keen-Wah, this grain is one of the most popular ingredients world-over. The dishes made from them are free of gluten and serve as a nutrition-packed meal.

Quinoa contains loads of protein, antioxidants, minerals, and fibres. Unlike rice, which has starch, this grain is also free from any complex sugars. This quality explains the reason why many assume quinoa good for diabetics and other blood-sugar related worries.

Where Does Quinoa Come From?

While quinoa has only recently hit the popular supermarkets’ shelves, it has been part of traditional meals in South and Central America for many generations. They grow in countries like Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. The foothills of the Andes Mountains cover large stretches of farms that grow this super grain.

Research published about the health benefits of this food, and the fact about quinoa good for diabetics, increased the popularity of this food. Only an organically produced and sustainably grown packet of quinoa can provide incredible health benefits.

This practice means they are free from any additives, processed by a group of experts, tastes better, and safe for people with all medical conditions. Especially for someone who has a gluten restriction, organic quinoa is a perfect choice.

When purchased from the right source, this food can enable better metabolism, help manage weight, and ensure a surplus of antioxidants.

Nutrition From Quinoa

This is an extremely healthy nutrition-dense source of carbs for your body. Just a small serving of quinoa, as little as one cup, can give you close to six grams of protein. They are becoming a healthier alternative for rice around the world. This high-level of protein has made quinoa salads an ideal post-workout meal since it will enable muscle recovery.

They are also rich in minerals like iron, phosphorus, manganese, and copper. This helps provide better immunity, higher bone density, and an energy boost in the blood.

They contain wholesome amounts of fibre. This fibre will give better digestive health. Additionally, a small serving of fibre-rich food gives the feeling of fullness, thus controlling overeating.

Lastly, we cannot ignore the gluten-free benefits of this dish. Additionally, it also contains lipids, calcium, Vitamin B1, B2, C, and E. But here is the pressing question: is quinoa good for diabetics? Let’s dive in.

Nutrition Summary for 100Gms Quinoa:

Protein 4.4 Grams
Fibre 2.8 Grams
Carbs 12.3 Grams
Fat 1.9 Grams

Is Quinoa Good For Diabetics?

The primary way to fight a diabetic or a sugar-related condition is by restraining the blood glucose levels. This restraint comes with exercise and controlled diet plans. Managing this diet is a strain on the body and mind, and science is always on the lookout for the perfect alternative.

The blood-sugar spike happens when you have an abundance of food that is high on the glycemic index. Anything with a glycemic index of fifty-five and below is considered ideal for the diabetics. In the case of quinoa, the glycemic index is around 53, making quinoa good for diabetics on a regular diet. Having a filling meal of quinoa will keep ensuring there is no spike in blood sugar.

Many grains that contain proteins do not have the required amount of amino acids to complete the breakdown process. But the presence of this acid in quinoa allows it to digest protein efficiently with no adverse effects.

As mentioned earlier, the presence of fibre in quinoa gives the person a unique feeling of fullness. A person battling blood-sugar will keep their intake to a minimum and avoid munching more often.

Research done by the Journal of Medicinal Foods shows perfect results to explain the control of sugars and blood pressure with a sample of quinoa sourced from the Peruvian Andes. This study also proves that your ingredients’ source plays a crucial role in getting the maxim benefits.

A single cup of quinoa, cooked to perfection, will provide the body with an adequate forty grams of carbohydrates. This controlled carb-intake is also what makes quinoa good for diabetics.

How To Consume Quinoa?

Many individuals globally use quinoa as a replacement for rice or grains. In Indian cuisine, one can make upma, fried rice, breakfast porridge, and much more. One cup of quinoa, when cooked in two cups of water, will give the perfect bowl of this superfood.

You can also make these in a rice cooker, keep them in your fridge for a few days. They work as a filling on salads, tacos, burritos, or just an alternative to your main course. They have a slightly dry and chewy texture, which is why you must add it to flavorful food.

You can also solely cook the food and season it with fruits, nuts, boiled vegetables, and spices. They are also used in pasta and trail-mixes often.

Key Takeaway

So, is quinoa good for diabetics? The answer is YES! They have a shallow flavour profile, which means they pair well with any food. They are easy to make and readily available in the store near you. Ensure you wash this well before cooking it to ensure they are free of any seed-dust.

Add a small portion of quinoa to your meal each day and use this grain’s versatile nature to invent in your own dishes.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Quinoa and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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