Jaggery vs Honey Which is the Healthiest Sweetener

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We all must have tried cutting down on processed sugar from our diet at some point in life. While some of us have succeeded, a majority of failed due to the lack of sweetening options which are as good as sugar or even better in taste and certainly healthier in comparison. Needless to say, cutting down on sugar increases the overall metabolism in individuals besides helping them with weight loss. However, for people who crave for sweetness in their teas and coffees, Jaggery and Honey are the most probable and reliable options on-board. That being said, before we pit them against each other, it is necessary to ascertain their individual benefits.


Firstly, we need to establish and determine the authenticity of honey and even the purity of the same. This is where raw and unprocessed honey comes into the picture as it combines the best possible effects of iron, calcium, and copper with the nutritional virtues of other trace minerals. Moreover, raw honey is extremely beneficial in regard to treating antiviral and anti-bacterial ailments. While the taste quotient is exceptional, raw honey is also known to be a decent ally in treating degenerative and heart-specific conditions. Most importantly, regular consumption of the same also helps treat allergies and cold. Last but not the least, honey is also a potent energy booster as it consists of natural sugar.


Available at almost every Indian home, this sweetener is also used in certain cases where the purity of honey cannot be established. However, there are certain unethical sources that add sugar to jaggery and therefore before enlisting the health benefits we need to be sure about the quality of the product. Once pure jaggery is identified, it can be used as a ready sugar substitute because of its granular form. Moreover, this food item can also be used for preventing constipation, curing cough and cold and even liver detoxification. Last but not the least, high-quality jaggery is also a great immunity booster as it contains iron and other trace elements in abundance.

Which one is better: Honey or Jaggery?

Firstly, both jaggery and honey can be used sparingly in order to sweeten the concerned food items. However, raw and unprocessed honey comes with medicinal qualities which are way superior to jaggery. However, the conflicts regarding the nature of benefits continue if pure jaggery i.e. without added white sugar can be procured. In that case, jaggery consumption improves digestion almost miraculously besides offering substantial levels of selenium and zinc, which are the antioxidant precursors. Jaggery, therefore, is a natural choice if raw and unprocessed honey isn’t available.


Although both these sweeteners are loaded with natural sugar and calories, they are amazing sugar substitutes, provided the natural and organic variants of the same are purchased from credible stores like 24 Mantra Organic. While there are quite a few alternatives in the market, pertaining to both jaggery and honey, the best ones are those that are derived naturally and therefore are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

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