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Discover the benefits of ginger and honey for cough - 24 Mantra Organic

Discover the benefits of ginger and honey for cough - 24 Mantra Organic

ginger and honey for cough

Mind-Blowing Effects Of Ginger, Honey & Lemon For Cough

Health and Nutrition

Seasonal changes can lead to cough and cold quite easily. It is very common to find yourself waking up to a sore throat at these times. However, there is always a home remedy that you can try if you do not want to pop a pill immediately.

The use of honey lemon and ginger for cough has been widespread historically. Ginger finds itself at the centre of many remedies when it comes to treating coughs and colds. It has been found that ginger contains many essential elements which provide an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and at the same time, also increase the body’s immunity power. The use of organic ginger and honey for cough for preparing remedial concoctions is highly recommended since the organic variety of these products retain their nutritional content and also taste much better.

Let us find out about the effects of honey lemon and ginger for cough.


How Helpful Is Ginger And Honey For Cough? 

Anti Inflammatory Action

Ginger contains elements which give it the ability to fight inflammation. At the same time, it helps to improve the level of body immunity. Thus, the use of ginger and honey for cough will help to reduce the soreness, which commonly results during a cough. The spicy and pungent flavour of ginger can also help to reduce the pain that accompanies with a cough.


Adds Heat

The specific constituency of ginger and honey also helps to increase body temperature, which can be helpful to provide healing aid to the body. The combined use of ginger and honey for cough also help to soothe the throat, which provides immense relief from the cough.

Removes Phlegm 

The use of honey lemon and ginger for cough also works to remove excess phlegm from the body. The combination works together to eliminate toxins from the body, which also prevent the occurrence of infections and flu.


Analgesic Properties

The combination of ginger and honey for cough adds a significant level of certain chemical compounds in the body, including gingerols, shagaol, and zingerone. The unique properties of these chemical compounds help in the reduction of cough and lend special analgesic properties to the body. The medicinal components of ginger include a lot more than mere antioxidants. The essential oils and oleoresin found in ginger display antitussive properties which can prove to be highly effective in suppressing a stubborn cough.

Anti Bacterial Properties

The presence of honey in your home remedies acts as an anti-bacterial shield against infections and flu’s, making your body resilient against their impact. Consuming ginger and honey for cough helps to build strong immunity against seasonal atrocities such as the flu.

In Conclusion: Should You Be Using Ginger And Honey For Cough?

The use of ginger and honey for cough is quite common and one of the best remedies for cough and cold during seasonal changes. The above-mentioned effects of ginger and honey are quite popular, which is what makes them a sought after remedy for anyone who is suffering from a bad cough.


To receive maximum benefits of this remedy, you should opt an organic variety of ginger and honey. They are cultivated by farmers who obtain the benefits of growing these sustainable crops. Organic products are highly beneficial for your health since they are produced without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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