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grandmaGrandmothers are the doting, fastidious kinds. Food is their way of saying ‘i love you”. And if you are nearing 40 years then you will remember all the good things of good old days. The food was fresh. The methods were natural. Asli ( real) ghee, asli milk , everything was asli like nature wanted us to have it. Season dictated the vegetable and the fruit. Cleanliness was a given, so the vegetables and greens were washed and dried thoroughly. Milk was boiled at least three times. The hens and the chicks ate on what was grown on the farm or in the kitchen garden. So the health of the egg depended a lot on what the birds ate. And water… filters were nowhere there. Water in its primary form was edible and the source natural. Everything was perhaps cooked on slow fire to keep the flavors and nutrients intact. Grandmother’s times … not merely sentimental but food for thought?

I’ve been a godmother loads of times, but being a grandmother is better than anything.

Vivien Leigh

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