Nutrition & Health Benefits of Red Chilli - 24 Mantra Organic

Nutrition & Health Benefits of Red Chilli - 24 Mantra Organic


Nurtitional Value and Health Benefits of Red Chilli

Health and Nutrition

Any spicy Indian cuisine is incomplete without red chillies. Whether it is used in its whole or powdered form, red chilli provides a strong flavour to any dish in which it is used. India is the home to a variety of red chillies with each variety having its own unique flavour.

The fiery hot taste of red chillies has made it an inseparable constituent of many spices with numerous other health benefits that it retains. Red chillies are rich in capsaicin, a compound known for its fat burning and metabolism-enhancing properties. Moreover, a study published in the NCBI concluded that capsaicin improves energy balance and also reduces cravings.


If you look at red chilli benefits, you will be surprised to know the nutrition that a pinch of this spice has for your body. Here are all the red chilli benefits that you can entail by simply adding a pinch of this spice in your daily meals.


Red Chilli Health Benefits

A majority of red chilli benefits are due to the presence of capsaicin, a thermogenic compound. It has an overall positive effect on your health and has anti-inflammatory & gastroprotective properties. Due to its thermogenic nature, capsaicin helps the body in burning off excess calories and enhances your metabolism. Here are all the red chilli benefits that you can entail by consuming it in its whole form or powdered form.


  • Enhances the metabolism rate: A study published in the NCBI claimed that people who consumed capsaicin had their metabolism increased for as long as 30 minutes after consuming it. A faster metabolism helps in shedding those extra pounds and helps the body in converting stored nutrients into energy effectively. A higher metabolic rate paves the way for a healthy body and keeps you feeling active all day.


  • Helps relieve inflammation: A research paper published on the NCBI discusses the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of capsaicin. The way this works is that capsaicin binds to the nerve endings and alleviates sensory transmission of pain. This makes capsaicin very effective in reducing muscle pains, joint pains and inflammation.


  • Aids digestive health: Red chilli benefits in terms of digestive health are surprising, to say the least. According to a study published in the NCBI, it effectively increases the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and relieves numerous health problems such as constipation and gas. Red chillies also have numerous antibacterial and antifungal properties that reduce harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and keeps your intestines healthy.


  • Promotes weight loss: Due to the metabolism-enhancing properties of red chillies, it increases the calorie burn rate of your body and also reduces food cravings. Since capsaicin is a thermogenic compound, it effectively heats up your body and facilitates the effective conversion of stored nutrients into energy. Red chillies are also known to reduce snacking tendency.


  • Supplements cognitive brain function: The iron present in red chillies enhances the haemoglobin levels in the blood and promotes effective blood flow in the brain. A study published in the NCBI concluded that an optimal level of oxygen and iron in the brain can enhance brain function and reduces the risk of cognitive disorders.


  • Promotes a healthy heart function: A study published in the NCBI concluded that capsaicin reduces the triglyceride levels in the body. It reduces the HDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the body and promotes a healthy heart function. This happens due to the inhibition of lipid absorption in the intestines that is facilitated by capsaicin intake.


  • Helps clear nasal congestions: Red chilli powder benefits also include clearing nasal congestions by clearing mucus from the respiratory tract. A study published in the NCBI said that the capsaicin present in red chillies acts as an excellent antimicrobial and helps in fighting chronic nasal infections.


Red chilli benefits also include numerous other aspects and research is already underway for establishing new frontiers of this wonderful spice. However, due to its widespread demand, there have been instances of adulteration in red chilli powder. Therefore, if you want to reap the maximum red chilli health benefits, it’s recommended that you opt for the organic variety.


Organic red chilli powder benefits are maximised due to its non-adulterated nature and sustainable farming techniques. Organic red chillies are also fresher and more nutritious when compared with their non-organic counterparts due to the absence of any form of preservatives and harmful chemicals. When you opt for an organic red chilli variety, you can be assured that you are doing your bit for the planet and promoting ecological balance.


Final Words

Now that we are aware of red chilli benefits, wouldn’t it be a healthy addition to your everyday diet? Red chilli powder in its purest form is enormously healthy and comes with all the essential health benefitting oils intact that facilitate an active and healthy lifestyle. If you want to entail the maximum red chilli benefits for your body, consider opting for an organic red chilli variety.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Red Chilli Whole and Savour the taste of organic goodness.

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