Know about the Amazing Nutritional Value of Cloves - 24 Mantra Organic

Know about the Amazing Nutritional Value of Cloves - 24 Mantra Organic


Nutritional facts about cloves

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Whether it’s an upset tummy or a terrible toothache, you must have used cloves for some reason without even knowing how it helps in such situations. But in many similar cases, these cloves have proved to be quite effective in controlling the pain within a short span of time.

However, have you ever thought about the nutritional value of cloves? Or what exactly makes this particular spice such an essential part of your cooking space? Before indulging in the details of this spice, let’s take a closer look at its family.

About Cloves

Cloves happens to be the tree’s aromatic flower buds, which belong to Myrtaceae and are native to Indonesia. It is quite popular and is a commonly used spice in most Indian and Asian delicacies.

As it is easily available across the countries, hence people tend to use it for various purposes. One can directly use it to relieve pain. But more commonly, people tend to use it for cooking purposes as it makes the entire dish quite tasty and flavoursome.

However, cloves nutrition facts tend to vary depending on the types of cloves. Thus, it is wise to invest in organic cloves, which are free of any pesticides, chemicals and also offers you excellent health benefits.

Top Facts on Nutritional Value of Cloves

Just like any other cooking ingredient, this one remains rich in antioxidants. However, the other nutritional value of cloves is here for reference. Two grams of cloves contains:

Ground Cloves (2.1 gm) Clove Chewing (1 serving)
Calories: 7 Calories: 10
Dietary Fiber: 3% Carbohydrates: 1%
Total Fat: 1% Sugar: 2g
Saturated Fat: 1%  
Manganese: 55%  
Vitamin K: 2 %  

The above mentioned data for the nutritional value of cloves are subject to changes depending on the type of clove and its availability in the market. Regardless, one of the most essential minerals present in the clove is manganese.

Manganese is quite efficient in controlling the nervous system’s regular activities, the human brain, and the skeletal system’s growth and development. Such cloves nutrition facts can help you understand how this spice effectively cures body ailments and health disorders in humans.

How to Use Cloves for Maximum Benefits?

As you go through the cloves’ nutritional components, you get to the bigger aspect of how this tiny little spice can do wonders to your body without any delay. Here are some of the ways as to how you can use this spice other than merely preparing a food item with it:

  • For Healthy Oral Habits

One of the primary things every individual has done at some point in his/her life is to use the clove oil for swelling of gums. Though many users aren’t quite sure why this oil effectively controls the swelling and the pain, they know that it is a beneficial life hack.

According to the researchers, clove oil is a natural method for maintaining oral hygiene. The oral health seems to compromise in many individuals depending on gingivitis, bacteria, and even the plaque built up within the mouth’s interior portions.

Users who use this oil regularly for rinsing their mouth once or twice have stronger and cleaner gums than those who don’t. Along with basil and tea tree oil, clove oil can be mixed thoroughly to make the perfect rinsing mixture for the best oral care regime.

Such a mixture helps to fight against gingivitis and plaque regularly, thereby decreasing the oral inflammation and the bacteria growth within the mouth. Therefore, nutritional value of cloves makes it highly effective in controlling any bacterial diseases within the mouth.

  • Reduction in Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers can happen to anyone, and it is an extremely painful health condition. It is accompanied by severe painful moments that don’t even get cured with prolonged medication. That is why doctors always suggest the patients switch to healthier options to control the spread of the ulcers in the abdominal region.

However, cloves can be quite effective in controlling such ulcers. These ulcers are a result of the painful sores in the lining of the oesophagus or the stomach.

The nutritional value of cloves aids in increasing gastric mucus production. As a result, it can prevent the erosion of the stomach lining from these digestive acids.

  • Promotes Better Bone Health

Low bone mass seems to be quite a common health disorder across many individuals. Eventually, this condition can lead to osteoporosis, which might risk the skeletal system’s entire health.

The nutritional value of cloves suggests that these are quite beneficial in preserving the bones’ health and the animals’ skeletal system. A detailed animal study depicts that the cloves have a high concentration of Eugenol, improving osteoporosis markers, and increasing the individual’s bone density.

  • Diabetes

A recent laboratory study in mice shows that the clove extracts and the nigericin are an excellent solution to reduce insulin resistance in the mouse’s muscle cells.

It improves glucose intolerance and thereby increases the regular secretion of insulin hormone in the animal body. As a result, the beta-cell function increases, thereby controlling the deadly condition of diabetes.

  • Cancer

Cancer happens to be the deadliest disease across the globe. Researchers are continually struggling to identify the specific oncogenes to develop appropriate medications for controlling the spread of the disease.

Clove, in this regard, has been quite profitable for many users. It is highly rich in antioxidants that effectively reduce cell damage, which might eventually lead to cancers. In a similar research study, it was shown that the specific clove extract was capable of slowing down the growth of the malignant cancerous cells in the body.


As the article wraps up with the cloves nutrition facts, you get to learn more about the ways as to how to utilize cloves for other benefits.

Right from using clove oil to the grounding clove spices to add to the dish, you can try it all according to your choices, especially the organic variety. However, if you have more to add to this list or any additional information about cloves, why not share it with the rest of the readers?

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