What Are the Benefits of Consuming Organic Spices? - 24 Mantra Organic

What Are the Benefits of Consuming Organic Spices? - 24 Mantra Organic


Organic Spices Better for Your Health: Here’s How!

Health and Nutrition

Spices have played a very important role in the way we have cooked and prepared our food. Around the world, people take the help of different kinds of spices in order to add their own unique flavour and essence. The use of a particular set of spices can actually make or break a dish.

Cumin, black pepper, coriander seeds, turmeric, and so many other spices are getting used every day in so many kitchens. But, do spices only add flavour and taste to the recipe you are cooking? No. Spices are very nutritious and contribute to better immunity.

Organic spices can help you to fight a wide range of diseases and enables an individual to lead a better lifestyle. So, it is essential to add spices to the dishes that you are cooking. They can add more nutrients and benefits when compared to other non-organic ingredients. If you want to know more about their benefitsthen keep reading this article.

Benefits Of Using Organic Spices

If you have never paid much attention to the thought of using organic spices, then it is high time that you do. Why? This is because these spices are constantly delivering a good amount of useful benefits which you shouldn’t miss. Here are the top reasons why it is always a good idea to use organic spices in your food –

  • Have Fewer Pesticides – They are produced with the help of natural manure and compost. That is why they do not come with any pesticides or harmful agricultural chemicals. This makes the spices more nutritious and better for your health. They can tackle different kinds of diseases over time. These spices are responsible for giving a boost to your immunity. Many health issues like cancer, digestive problems, birth defects, etc., can be addressed.
  • Much More Fresh – Organically grown spices are fresher than the ones that get produced with the help of chemicals and pesticides. These spices have very less or no amount of preservatives in their content. So, they are always better for your health and also taste delicious when cooked.
  • Better Dose Of Nutrients – When you use conventional spices, they have already lost a significant amount of nutrients because of the preservatives. But, organic spices are packed with all the essential nutrients. Due to their natural and preservative-free nature, you can expect your body to receive more nutrients and benefits from them.
  • Increases Immunity – One of the best reasons to use organic spices is to increase your immunity. They can help to prepare the body to fight many diseases and health issues. Garlic, cumin, turmeric and many other spices are very renowned for their medicinal properties. That is why spices which are grown organically are in more demand than the conventional spices.
  • Deliver Better Taste – Due to the lack of preservatives and harmful elements, organic spices taste much better. They can actually help to revamp the overall flavour and essence of the whole recipe. Their quality is always a lot better when compared to other kinds of conventional species available.

So, these are the top benefits of using organic spices from now in your favourite dishes. Now let’s take a look at the nutrition value of different spices which are commonly available.

Nutritional Value Of Organic Spices

Here’s a detailed view of the nutritional value that you can intake from them.

Name of Organic Spice Nutritional Content Present in Per 100 gm
Ginger Protein – 9.12, Fat – 5.95, Iron – 11.50, Sodium – 32
Fenugreek Protein – 23, Fat – 6.41, Iron – 33.53, Sodium – 67
Cardamom Protein – 10.76, Fat – 6.40, Iron – 13.97, Sodium – 18
Marjoram Protein – 12.66, Fat – 7.04, Iron – 82.91, Sodium – 77
Turmeric Protein – 7.83, Fat – 9.88, Iron – 41.42, Sodium – 38
Caraway Seed Protein – 19.77, Fat – 14.59, Iron – 16.23, Sodium – 17
Fennel Seed Protein – 15.80, Fat – 14.87, Iron – 18.54, Sodium – 88
Cinnamon Protein – 3.89, Fat – 3.64, Iron – 38.07, Sodium – 26

So, you can see in the above table the nutritional content of some of the most commonly used organic spices. This table will help you understand how much nutrients you gain by consuming the spices frequently.

Final Words 

Herbs and spices have always been an integral part of our kitchen. Every dish we cook requires certain spices without which the recipe cannot be executed.

Organic spices have a lot more to offer than just taste and flavour. For years they have helped us boost our metabolism, improve the immunity and fight different kinds of diseases.

They are safe to use as no pesticides and chemicals are used during their cultivation. They offer much more benefits than conventional products as they do not have any water retention and are completely eco-friendly. So, it is always a better choice to use organic spices than others.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s range of products and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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