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Perfect drinks that aid in weight loss

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Perfect drinks that aid in weight loss

When it comes to losing weight there is no quick fix, be it in the form of solid food or liquid diet. Having said that, drinking the right amount of liquid be it juice or water or soup, can accelerate the process of weight loss. Losing weight involves a change in drinking, eating along with proper exercising. It is a misconception that drinks alone can help you reduce weight. However, there are a few drinks that support weight loss.


  1. Water– Water is the best drink that contains no carbohydrates or calories. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water every day can boost the detoxification process. Drinking water before any meal can help you feel full and lead you to eat a lesser amount of food. Drinking ice water accelerates the metabolism rate, cleanses your system and eliminates appetite. Keep hydrating your body with water instead of sweetened or calorie-based liquids.
  2. Tea – One can choose from a variety of teas- green tea, white tea, rose tea and black tea. Each and every type of tea contributes in their own sense to our health. But research shows that tea is heavily loaded with a high quantity of flavonoids which is a health-booster and reduces the risks of heart disease or diabetes. But yes, tea also can help you lose weight. If you are thinking, drinking a few cups every day will get you in your old skinny jeans, then you are wrong. Tea is just a sidekick. Besides having a tea you will always need to engage in a proper exercise routine. Adding some lemon juice to your morning tea is yet another good idea to reduce weight.
  3. Apple cider vinegar –  Study has shown that having apple cider vinegar has helped people lose weight and also reduced cholesterol levels to a great extent. But consuming vinegar without following a strict diet won’t fetch you results. Remember, all these liquids won’t aid in weight loss directly.
  4. Protein shakes – Protein shakes are a great way to reduce hunger pangs. It consists of zero carbohydrate but it makes your stomach full. After a protein shake a person will eat less amount of food which will result in less carb and calorie consumption. Protein shakes, however, do contain calories. So you need to engage yourself in a strict gym routine even if you are taking protein shakes.
    Warning – Never consider protein shakes to be the replacement for any meal and also look out for all the unhealthy ingredients in it.
  5. Drinks with a bit of ginger – Add a few ginger flakes or slice them into pieces to add it in a glass of warm water and have it. Ginger not only aids in the process of digestion but also increases the feeling of fullness which encourages you to burn more calories. You can also buy ginger powder and a few drops of honey in your drinks and have it. Make it a regular habit to consume ginger added drinks.

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