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Prevent dehydration in summers! Drink plenty of water


Prevent dehydration in summers! Drink plenty of water


During summers to keep our bodies hydrated is very important for dehydration prevention. Water is an essential nutrient and can be consumed in the form of moisture in foods and beverages or as plain water.

The main function of water in our body is to regulate body temperature.

The major part of our body weight is made up of water

Water makes up about 60 % of our total body weight, typically a little more for men and a little less for women. Roughly two-thirds of our body water is found within our cells as intracellular fluid and the remaining one third is present as extracellular fluid. Water is the most abundant substance in the body because it provides a medium for the body. All other substances within the body are either dissolved, suspended and/or bathed within the water. Water is necessary for cellular homeostasis and life.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration is an excessive loss of body fluids. There may be several reasons for dehydration such as blood loss, burns, diarrhoea, vomiting, gastrointestinal problems etc. All these need proper medical treatment and care.

Dehydration in infants could be serious and needs immediate medical attention. Making sure that we provide our body with enough water for dehydration prevention is of utmost importance.

Our body loses water through

  1. Urine
  2. Breath
  3. Skin surface as sweat

How much water do we lose in a day?

For an average adult, it is typical to lose as much as 2-3 litres of water in a day. Fro effective dehydration prevention, one needs to replace the lost water every day in the form of food and beverages. Fruits and vegetables have a significant amount of water.

When our body needs water, the hypothalamus in our brain initiates thirst. Thirst is a symptom of dehydration and we should replenish body water. If we are thirsty that means our body is already slightly water depleted. This is not a serious issue for most of us but for a sports person it may affect his/her performance. A common rule among endurance athletes is to drink before they get thirsty.

How much water do we need?

We need 2-3 kg of water every day which is more than any other nutrient. There are certain medical conditions in which water is restricted and they need to of course follow medical advice for effective dehydration prevention.

Can we survive when our body is deprived of water?

Symptoms of water deficiency are seen much earlier compared to other nutrients. If we do not eat or drink anything for a day, by the end of the day we can feel the effects of water deprivation. To see signs of deprivation for other nutrients it takes time. Water is a critical nutrient whose absence will be fatal within a few days.

It is important to replenish water levels in the body

Every other nutrient balance is affected if there is depletion in body water. Therefore, drink plenty of water, beverages such as aam panna, buttermilk, other traditional homemade beverages, fruit juices, coconut water etc and keep the basis of our body which is water always at necessary levels in the body. Especially be careful in summer for dehydration prevention. Plenty of fluids will keep you cool and healthy in summers.

Data from a review shows that drinking water prevents excess total energy intake and promotes fat oxidation compared with caloric beverages and therefore helps in weight management.

Encourage kids to drink water

  1. Serve water with meals and avoid other beverages
  2. Make sure your kids take a water bottle to school and while going for any physical activity
  3. Do not to store calorie dense beverages at home. Kids will reach out for water

Though there are an array of beverages available in the market there is nothing like drinking water when one is thirsty!

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