Why You Should Introduce Ragi Flour for Babies? - 24 Mantra Organic

Why You Should Introduce Ragi Flour for Babies? - 24 Mantra Organic


Ragi porridge for your baby and its benefits

Health and Nutrition

Millets are cereal groups that are cultivated in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Did you know that finger millet or Ragi can be an excellent baby food? Ragi flour for babies is one of the best foods that help in gaining weight and strengthening muscles.

Your baby needs adequate nutrition to build immunity and grow strong. Hence, you need to provide a nutritious meal for your baby.

If you’re wondering how Ragi can be an excellent food for your baby, then you’re in the right place. Ragi flour for babies is a 100% natural food containing an adequate amount of calcium, fibre and Vitamin D.

Introducing organic food to your baby diet is an excellent choice because it is 100% natural, gluten-free, low in fat, and devoid of any added preservatives or artificial colours.

Nutritional Information about Ragi Flour for Babies

From 100 gms of ragi, you will get the following.

Energy 328 calories
protein 7.3 gm
carbohydrates 72 gm
fat 1.3 gm
dietary fibre 11.5 gm
iron 3.9 mg
calcium 344 mg
potassium 408 mg
sodium 11 mg

Health Benefits

This food can be introduced once your baby completes six months. If you want to know how ragi flour can help in overall growth and development, read below.

  • High nutritional Value– The best thing about Ragi porridge is that it delivers excellent nutritional value to your baby. It contains a high amount of protein and fibre, which is good for your baby’s health. As it is a nutrition-dense item, it can offer a high amount of energy.
  • Good for your baby’s appetite as it can be easily digested– Ragi is super-easy to digest and is free of gluten. Because it is non-glutinous and non-acidic, it can be easily digested by your infant.
  • Strengthen bones– Ragi contains a high amount of calcium which no other cereal can provide. It is also rich in Vitamin D. An infant requires sufficient nutrition to strengthen their bones and muscles, and Ragi flour for babies can serve the purpose. The presence of natural calcium makes it easy for your baby to digest.
  • Provides protein– Babies need a solid amount of protein in their diet for muscle growth, and ragi is rich in protein. Most doctors advise the new moms to feed ragi porridge to their babies because Ragi is an excellent source of protein. This is a major difference between the nutritional contents of Ragi and Rice.
  • Prevents anaemia– Deficiency of iron leads to anaemia, and therefore, it is important to add iron to your baby’s diet. Ragi flour for babies is 100% natural with high fibre content. Daily consumption of iron in the right quantities can prevent anaemia.
  • Helps in digestion– Ragi is high in insoluble fibres which aid in digestion and also help in smooth bowel movements. Ragi is good for your baby’s digestive system.
  • Best food for weight gain– Finger millet is highly nutritious and should be given to infants suffering from malnutrition or weight issues. This nutrition-dense food is good for weight gain. Ragi flour for babies contains essential nutrients like- calcium, dietary fibre, protein, iron, calcium, and few essential vitamins like Vitamins B1 and B2, to name a few. Hence, Ragi is a superfood for your infant.
  • Improves your immunity– Babies have to improve their immunity or else they’ll be susceptible to diseases and infections. This is one of the reasons why ragi should be added to their diet. It helps in boosting the immunity levels, which helps them in fighting diseases and infections. Ragi has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting against bacterial infections.

These are some of the incredible benefits of adding ragi flour to your baby’s diet. Wondering how to prepare ragi porridge from ragi flour for babies? No worries! This article will also cover the best ways to prepare ragi porridge.

How Can You Prepare Ragi Flour for Babies?

To start with, you should give plain ragi to your baby for the first week. In the next week, you can introduce semi-solid porridge. Do not continue with it if your baby is unable to digest the food initially before recommencing it again.

Ingredients that you’ll need:

Here is a list of the items that you’ll need for preparing the baby food.

  • One cup of water
  • Ragi flour
  • One tablespoon of ghee
  • Half cup of milk
  • Grated jaggery in minimal quantities

Preparing the powder:

  • Firstly, you’ll have to wash the ragi.
  • Strain the water and spread it on a cloth to dry it out.
  • Dry roast the flour in medium heat and once you get the beautiful smell, turn off the flame. Allow it to cool down.
  • Use a grinder and make a fine powder.
  • Use an air-tight container to store it.

Steps to make the porridge:

Once you’ve prepared the powder, next, you can make the porridge. Below mentioned are the next steps that you should take.

  • Take half a teaspoon of ghee in a pan and heat it.
  • Use two tablespoons of ragi powder and toss it in ghee for about a minute on low flame.
  • Add a cup of water.
  • Then add a half a cup of milk.
  • Now stir the mixture nicely to bring a perfect texture and consistency. Check the consistency and add water or milk to balance it. Mix it thoroughly so that there is no lump in the mixture.
  • Now add a little bit of jaggery to enhance the taste. (Please be careful with the quantity of jaggery).
  • Turn off the flame and allow it to set down.

Ragi flour for babies is an excellent addition to your baby’s diet. It can enhance the overall health of your kid so you must add them to their diet. Ragi is safe for babies as it is 100% natural, and is free of gluten. Consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.

Just a word of caution for all the new moms: Don’t forget to sterilize the bowl and the spoon that you are using for feeding.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Ragi Flour and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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