Rajma Health Benefits - 24 Mantra Organic

Rajma Health Benefits - 24 Mantra Organic


Rajma Benefits 101 for Healthy Living

Health and Nutrition

Who would have thought that a nationally revered variety of beans doesn’t even have roots in India? The red kidney beans, distinguished as Rajma in the Indian subcontinent, are actually claimed to have originated in the South American country, Peru. Belonging to the legumes family, the pulses are part of a larger group of ‘common beans’ cultivated almost 8000 years ago.

Although Rajma is a favourite staple across India, it is predominantly consumed in North Indian households. It is also known for its various nutritious benefits. Aside from being a major source of protein, red kidney beans are noted for their fibre, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and mineral content among others.

This article will endeavour to examine the numerous rajma health benefits and how you can inculcate it into your daily diet.

Rajma Health Benefits – A Detailed View

As red kidney beans are a plant food, it has zero cholesterol and is naturally low in fat content. And because Rajma has low levels of saturated fat, it will not contribute to the clogging of your arteries (as opposed to foods filled with saturated fat). But how else does eating Rajma help your body? Let’s find out:


  1. Rajma prevents the onset of non-communicable diseases – Due to the presence of a range of phytochemicals in red kidney beans, your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases decrease significantly.
  2. It contains high levels of protein – According to Research Gate, proteins make up the most prominent macronutrient in Rajma. Because of the high levels of protein content, it is favoured by low-income families as Rajma provides the nutrients that are otherwise obtained from other costly food items. When compared to cereals, red kidney beans consist of about two or three extra folds of protein, thereby reducing chances of malnutrition by a large scale.
  3. Red kidney beans are rich in amino acids – As the presence of amino acids is what allows your body to grow and function normally, red kidney beans show plenty of promise. Rajma’s rich amino acid profile consists of a number of essential acids such as glutamic acid, arginine, and lysine that are necessary for teenage growth.
  4. A natural diuretic –  Essentially, diuretics are water pills that are consumed for the treatment of high blood pressure. As per the claims made by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, Rajma is a ‘natural, plant-based diuretic’ as it is rich in sodium and potassium.

Rajma Health Benefits in Terms of Nutritional Content

As mentioned earlier, red kidney beans bring about a great deal of improvement to your health because of its nutritional content. Rajma is an excellent source of Vitamin B9 (this would come in handy if you’re pregnant) and it contains high levels of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium as well. Now let’s look at all the nutrition that a cup of cooked Rajma would give you.

1 cup= 177 grams

Nutrient DRV/DV
Calories 225
Molybdenum 295%
Folate 58%
Copper 42%
Fibre 40%
Phosphorus 35%
Manganese 33%
Protein 31%
Vitamin B1 23%
Iron 22%


How can you add Organic Rajma into your Daily Diet?


The amazing thing about red kidney beans is the fact that not only is it healthy and nutritious, but it is also extremely delicious (no matter what kind of dish you decide to prepare with it). There are so many ways you can cook  organic rajma and still walk away completely satisfied and unworried about your health.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can whip up a Rajma-based recipe into your everyday diet.

  1. Rajma Masala – Often eaten with rice, Rajma Masala is one gravy that you cannot miss out on. It’s creamy, it’s wholesome, and it’s everything a traditional Indian curry needs. You get all the goodness of red kidney beans accompanied by rich, seasonal spices, herbs and fresh vegetables. Not to mention the cumin seeds that feature in the ingredients, accompanied by its very own set of health benefits. You can enjoy your Rajma Masala for lunch or even for dinner with a side of wheat Rotis.
  2. Red kidney beans salad – A sure and healthy way to gain and sustain energy would be through a Rajma salad (that can be eaten at any time of the day). It’s protein-filled, carbohydrate-packed and is absolutely scrumptious. You can couple the red kidney beans with some black beans, white beans and a few greens for a variety in flavour, colour and taste.
  3. A great breakfast side – Add a dash of garlic, cumin powder and some chilli flakes to cooked beans and voila! You have your very own Rajma sandwich spread. And if you’re not too fond of sandwiches, you can just use it as a dip.
  4. A substitute for ground meat – If you’re craving tacos, but at the same time you want to keep it healthy, Rajma is a gratifying substitute for the ground meat filling.


Rajma health benefits – the list is endless, and there is always something more to add. It is quite natural, therefore, to understand why this bean variety is such a favourite of many. It is the perfect combination of wholesome, delectable, healthy and nourishing, all in one.


Try 24 Mantra’s Rajma and enjoy the benefits of Rajma!

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