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Role of Social Media in Nutrition


Role of Social Media in Nutrition


Social media is defined as “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos) (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Social media and nutrition

Social media is a great tool to learn about nutrition. There is a lot of helpful information shared about healthy eating habits, the nutritive value of foods, healthy recipes, physical activity and so many other topics related to nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Social media helps us in sharing useful information with others easily. All you need is a smartphone.

Who is giving the information?

When you get some information do not blindly follow it. Look at who is the person who is giving the information. Does that person have the authority and qualification to talk and give suggestions about that particular subject? It is very important for you to confirm that the information is coming from a reliable source.

Are you getting the message in its entirety?

Many times, the message never reaches you in its whole form. People edit it the way they want. We tend to have the habit of choosing what suits us. Example: Someone might have said that you can eat something as much as you want provided you exercise later. Another person edits the message and sends you just the eat how much ever you want there is no problem part and you may blindly believe it because it suits you. Instinctively we know that the message cannot be right but we still believe it. Make sure you do not take information in bits and pieces.

Who is responsible?

It is your responsibility what you gather from social media not the responsibility of the person putting it there. Yes, the person who puts the information out in the social media is supposed to be responsible but we cannot depend on it. In the end, it is our health which is at stake, therefore, we have to be careful. We have to look out for ourselves. If things do go wrong, we cannot blame others and even if we do there is no point. Everyone has a right to give their opinion but it is our responsibility whether to take it or not.

Be cautious

Read/listen/watch but then stop and think about it. Make the time to check and verify the information that has come to you. Once you are convinced that it is coming from a dependable person or source then you can decide to either adopt the idea or trash it.

There are several sites where you are sure you will get the authentic information. Health is wealth and we have to be careful of what we do with it. Everyone who eats or everyone who sells food are not experts. There may be an ulterior motive to the messages or videos you are getting. It may just be a marketing ploy to promote a product. These days we also see messages which intend to give negative publicity to some products.


Social media is a powerful tool only when used appropriately!

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