Are there any cinnamon medicinal uses today? - 24 Mantra Organic

Are there any cinnamon medicinal uses today? - 24 Mantra Organic


Science-backed Cinnamon Medicinal Uses

Health and Nutrition

A systematic review of cinnamon would reveal that it is a powerful remedy which can sort out various type of ailments, including those of respiration and digestion. Labelled as a common spice which is traditionally found on the kitchen shelves of any Indian kitchen, cinnamon affirms the saying that the cure of most bodily ailments is easily found in the kitchen!

Many cultures around the world have used cinnamon for a variety of reasons, including culinary preparations and topical application. Today, most branches of medicine lay a claim on cinnamon medicinal uses and actively propagate its action on a variety of health ailments.

Let us explore the unique cinnamon medicinal uses and find out how it can be a common cure to multiple issues in your body. You should choose the organic variety of cinnamon for medicinal purposes, which is cultivated without the use of any chemicals and pesticides. This helps to ensure that the cinnamon which you are using is right for you and your family.


Are There Any Cinnamon Medicinal Uses Which Can Help You?

A Rich Source Of Cinnamaldehyde

The popularity of cinnamon is not new. There was a time when the ancient Egyptians used cinnamon as a gift even for kings. Today, cinnamon is extracted by cutting stems of the cinnamon tree and extracting its woody sections. A stick of cinnamon has a distinct aroma and flavour which is derived from cinnamaldehyde. In many studies, it has been found that it is this substance which lends the powerful effects which cinnamon is known for. Primarily, this substance is believed to act upon the metabolism of the body, helping to benefit the system in more than one ways.

Powerhouse Of Antioxidants

A major benefit of the cinnamon medicinal uses comes from its antioxidant properties. Due to the process of oxidisation, free radicals in the body can cause damage. Anything with the ability to act as an antioxidant will help to prevent this damage and minimise the impact of oxidisation. The medicinal properties of cinnamon make it a powerful antioxidant which supersedes the effects of superfoods like oregano and garlic as well.

An Anti – Inflammatory Agent

Although inflammation in the body is a vital process which helps us to fight off infections and damage to tissues, it can be chronic at times and work in a detrimental manner against our own body. In a condition such as this one, anti – inflammatory agents such as cinnamon can help to fight against the ill effects of inflammation and protect the body.

Cuts Off The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are among the leading cause of deaths all over the world. Among the many cinnamon medicinal uses is its impact on those with an existing heart condition whereby it helps to manage the bad cholesterol in the body. At the same time, cinnamon can also help to improve the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Thus, the action of cinnamon can prove to be very helpful in mitigating the risk of heart diseases in those who are most susceptible to them.


Improves Sensitivity To Insulin

Insulin is responsible for the regulation of metabolic hormones in the body and utilisation of energy. In many cases, people can form a type of resistance to insulin, due to which it fails to carry out its regular functions. Such insulin resistance paves the way for many health conditions which are drastic in nature. However, cinnamon medicinal uses make it possible to regulate the action of insulin in the body, helping it function normally.

Benefits Various Neurodegenerative Diseases

Many people suffer under the impact of neurodegenerative diseases which impact the structure and functioning of the brain cells. Alzheimer’s disease is an example of such diseases. The typical cinnamon medicinal uses emerge as a promising ray of hope in such cases. The compounds found in cinnamon help to stop the build up of a protein which is responsible for such diseases.

Protects Against Cancer

The uncontrolled growth of cells in a part of the body signals the onset of cancer, which can become serious if not checked in time. Cinnamon medicinal uses are suggestive of the fact that the unique composition of the spice can help to protect against the incidence of cancer. The main function of cinnamon manifests by reducing the growth of cancer cells.

Helps To Fight Various Bacterial And Fungal Infections

The main and active component, cinnamaldehyde is behind the medicinal properties of cinnamon which make it useful for protection against various type of infections in the human body. The use of cinnamon has been made for various type of infections, which are caused by fungi and bacteria. This is why the use of cinnamon is promoted as a cure for the usual cough and cold.

May Help To Fight HIV

HIV can pave the way for AIDS if not treated in time. Cinnamon may help in fighting the HIV virus, due to the unique compounds which are found in it.


Conclusion: Are The Cinnamon Medicinal Uses True?

There is a significant amount of study to back the claims stating that cinnamon displays medicinal properties. It is true that over the years, cinnamon has been used as a source of benefit for a variety of health conditions.

Even today, many fields of medical science continue to research and study the effects of cinnamon in treating serious health conditions. Ceylon cinnamon, which is better known as the ‘true’ type of cinnamon is the more commonly used one for medicinal purposes.

Grown organically, it helps to ensure that there is no contamination of chemicals and pesticides in it. On a scale, it scores better in terms of nutrition and flavours as well. Organically grown cinnamon also provides a sustainable livelihood to the farmers who work hard to cultivate them.

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