Is Fennel for Digestion Really Effective? Find Out Here! - 24 Mantra Organic

Is Fennel for Digestion Really Effective? Find Out Here! - 24 Mantra Organic


Tackling major stomach issues by using fennel for digestion

Health and Nutrition

The gut is glory, or so they say. Although the phrase applies in a different context in contemporary times, it could very well be the motto of health and wellness. In recent times the health risks due to diseases are one of the major concerns before us.

One of the primary areas in this regard is the stomach. The stomach’s importance cannot be understated because what we eat and how it affects our body is mediated by it. In this regard, there are certain food items such as fennel that is good for the gut. Using fennel for digestion in any manner is always beneficial.

How is it beneficial to use fennel for digestion?

The digestive benefits of fennel in all its forms, whether as a seed, the plant, or the oil extracts, are known to possess medicinal properties. In ancient Ayurveda, fennel was known to reduce tridosha and is known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. In the modern age too, it is very useful to consume fennel for digestion as it helps the body in the following ways –

  • Gastrointestinal Benefits

Food is primarily digested in the small intestine, where the undigestible portion of your food undergoes fermentation. This fermentation process is caused by intestinal bacteria, fungi, and yeast and results in methane production and hydrogen as flatus. This is one area where consumption of fennel for digestion is beneficial. This is because consuming fennel prevents the build-up of gas and flatulence related issues. Gas is primarily caused by anything that inhibits the complete digestion process. Gas is one of the main causes behind flatulence build-up, constipation, etc. Fennel has inherent properties that calm the gut, and the intestine stimulates easy digestion and allows intestinal functions to resume order. This means a reduced risk of gastrointestinal troubles, stomach upsets, etc.

  • Eases Bowel Movements

Consuming fennel seed tea has numerous health benefits, including relief from bowel-related issues such as constipation and bloating or even Irritable-bowel syndrome (IBS). Fennel contains a rich amount of antioxidants and fibre content, which helps stimulate the bowel movement. Thus, using fennel for digestion helps move the bowels due to the stimulation of certain gastric enzymes that ensure a better intestinal movement during digestion. Most people who are suffering from IBS not only consume fennel for digestion but also because of the oils in the seeds that help to kickstart gastrointestinal enzymes during digestion. This helps in better digestion of the food itself.

  • Easy To Digest

In today’s times, vegetables such as broccoli and kale, etc. are gaining much of the limelight due to their many health benefits. However, these cruciferous vegetables, despite their numerous advantages, are not the easiest to digest. Fennel, on the other hand, has a stark resemblance to celery in this regard, insofar as this vegetable is easily digested. On a botanical level, the fennel plant stems carry an equal amount of easily digestive nutrition even in conditions where the gut functionality has become weak.

  • Reduces Risk Of Stomach Aches or Diarrhoea

Using fennel for digestion is one of the common methods to keep the digestive tract healthy. This is because these seeds contain essential chemical properties called estragle, fenchone, and anethole. These chemicals are the main reason behind the anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties of the seeds. A tablespoon of fennel seeds packs about 2gm of fibre content in it. Where recommended fibre content must be between 25-30gms, a handful of dried fennel seeds can come in handy. In stomach flu or diarrhoea cases, this fibre content helps in bulk-up and curing of watery diarrhoea. In this way, the consumption of fennel for digestion helps slow down and, in some cases, prevent loose or runny motions.

  • Antimicrobial

It is quite well known that fennel seeds contain natural components that possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. These qualities are especially helpful in digesting food articles that result in difficulties in food poisoning and upset stomach situations. As is pretty clear harmful bacteria and fungi, when ingested along with the food, mix with the good gut and intestinal bacteria. In this case, they indulge in greater numbers and cause interference with the normal biological digestive process. They wreak havoc in the gut and intestinal functioning, leading to unpleasant symptoms such as nausea and watery or loose bowel movements frequently. These symptoms are common to gut diseases such as stomach flu or food poisoning. Fennel seeds can counteract this effect and prevent the growth of the bacteria inside the gut and the intestines.

Nutritional Information

Fennel bulb Fennel seeds
Energy 27 calories 20 calories
Fibre 3 gm 2 gm
Vitamin C 12% of the daily requirement 1% of DR
Calcium 3% of DR 5% of DR
Iron 4% of DR 6% of DR
Magnesium 4% of DR 5% of DR
Potassium 8% of DR 2 % of DR
Manganese 7% of DR 17% of DR

Summing It Up

It is important to note that consumption of fennel seeds has many numerous health benefits in the present context, but it must complement the lifestyle too.

Fennel for digestions alone cannot suffice for your wellness needs and must be balanced out with healthy living for greater benefits. And also do not forget to buy organic fennel as they are cultivated without any pesticides. Thus, you get only 100% natural and chemical-free seeds.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Fennel and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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