The Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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 Indian diet, in general, is a balanced diet. The variety or the range of ingredients we can use is amazing. We have cereals such as rice and wheat, millets like sorghum and foxtail millet, legumes and nuts and an array of fruits and vegetables native to our land.

Then we have a treasure trove of spices and condiments which can be used in our foods. These have bioactive compounds which have health-promoting properties.

Though we have everything in front of us the way we go about eating them and the proportions we use may be wrong. These wrong choices are the reason for gaining weight.


Best Indian diet plan for weight loss

There is nothing like the best Indian diet plan for weight loss. A diet plan is always customized. Each individual’s genetic makeup, physical attributes, lifestyle pattern, medical parameters are different. A diet plan which is perfect for one may not suit another at all or may only suit to a certain extent.

Here we will talk about different options for different meals and you with the help of an expert can choose what suits you and how much of it to eat.

India is a huge country and there are different food cultures specific to different regions.


A cup of coffee/tea (Do not drinking tea with meals as it affects the absorption of iron from the diet)

Breakfast can include any of the recipes given below.

Idli with chutney/ Whole moong chilla with chutney, paratha with vegetable or curd/Poha/ Multigrain bread with omelette

Mid-morning snack

A fruit


2 fruits a day are very important as they provide fiber which is important for gut health and micronutrients which are essential for our body.


Brown or semi-polished rice/Whole wheat flour rotis + vegetable preparation + dal/non-veg preparation + curd/raita

Use about 5 tsp oil (includes butter and ghee) for one person per day. Not more than this.

Mid-afternoon snack

Buttermilk with ¼ tsp flaxseed powder/vegetable juice/a fistful of nuts


Have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. Do not go to bed immediately after having dinner.

Brown or semi-polished rice/Whole wheat flour rotis + vegetable preparation + dal/non-veg preparation + curd/raita


Have just foxtail khichidi with raita

Some points one needs to remember

Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated.

Two fruits a day is recommended to get the vitamins needed.

Plenty of vegetables, restrict starchy vegetables such as potatoes.

300 ml of milk a day in the form of milk or curd.

Avoid sugars, sugary beverages and desserts.

Avoid deep-fried foods.

Eat home-cooked foods as much as possible as you will be in control of what is going into your body.

Do not eat too much salty foods.

If you are consuming eggs do not throw away the yolk because it has a lot of micronutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B 12, iron etc.

Get physical activity into your daily routine. More than for weight loss it has several health-promoting effects especially for heart health.

Take micronutrient supplement if the doctor has asked you.


Final word

There is nothing like the best plan for weight loss which suits everyone. Talk to your doctor and then take a nutritionist’s help to plan a diet that works for you. That is the best plan for you. It should help you lose weight at the same time meet all your dietary nutrient needs.

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